Monday, December 22, 2008

Humbug is for Huffies

There is no reason to pout and moan these days. Check that...I know first hand that many folks are struggling to believe in something this Christmas season and I would never sugar-plum fairy coat that real reality. And so, as friends and family and neighbors, we have the responsibility and the privilege to love on one another and shower eachother with blessing. We take that calling seriously here at the cafe and in that reality we are on the eve of Christmas and are excited to share cheer with the whole community. Enough said, here's what we got going on.

Tonight, 5-11PM
Christmas Eve's Eve Community Extravaganza. Be there or be square! I hope that is not an offensive expression and I wish no one to be square whatever that means. I have been harping about this thing for a while so feel oober invited to join us tonight.

Wednesday- We close at 6PM but I promise to be early and have our Yuletide Coffee blend brewed by 7AM

Thursday- Christmas Day- We are closed. Thanks

Friday, Dec. 26, 7-11PM
We got music all night. The Band "O Rabbit" is in the house from 7-9. I know these guys and gals are a comingling of ages and muiscal talent so it should be fun to tune in and hear them play. The Table Tops are rounding out the night. It's been a while since they played last at the Bean so come out to hear them rock the house.

Saturday, Dec. 27, 5-9PM and hopefully the rest of the night!
Rich Machamer will be doing his thing from 5-7. Basically he is a funny guy who loves to adapt songs of many genres and always has an intermittent story to tell. He will be here tonight as well but why not listen in on Saturday as well? Following him, Mr. Mike Holliday is back with us to lend his thoughtful voice. I bet he will mix in some holiday tunes and truely all of his music is very spirited.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas
From the Hard Bean team to you

Much Love
Mr. Bean

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snowfall kind of love

Ingrid Michaelsen sings a song about love in the wintertime that draws people's attention. I like this song.
This is relavant because here at the cafe we are getting a little nostalgic as Christmas is coming and decorations are up and the Hard Bean is buzzing with chatter about Holiday parties and gift giving and times spent with the closest of family and friends. We wish you the very best in this precious season and hope that you include us in your holiday schedules- to relax, to grab a sofa and a friend and a drink. Cheers...

Here's what's on the menu for this week besides the new panini's and deserts/pastries we are providing- check them out for sure!

Tuesday, Dec. 16, 7-9PM
Yes, Yes, Yes, we have Chess, Chess, Chess and you would make Imra's day if you came around to duel him or glean valuable game strategy.

Wednesday, Dec. 17, 7-9ish PM
We are ever excited to have Sam teaching another lesson this night but that is just the begginning as he is also providing the punch. Yes, we are having a Christmas party after the lesson and there is a wide open invite to anyone who has attended, is considering doing Yoga with us, or just wants to hang out with limber folks like us. Feel free to bring a snack and remember a drop in donation is appreciated.

Thursday, Dec. 18, 7-9PM
Scrabble is happening this night and even though there is no holiday party planned by the ladies, there should be leftovers from the yoga party and anyone is welcome to enter into the game and spell out holiday words like...bazaar, mistletoe and nativity.

Friday, Dec. 19, 7-11PM
This Friday we have a full lineup with music that promises to be all over the place from young love originals to old time rock and roll. From 7-9 Taking Motion is in the house for the second time and promises to entertain both friends and cafe lingerers. Going late into the evening, The Reluctants were not so reluctant about playing at the Bean- in fact that were very excited- like giddy school girls on the eve of their first junior high dance. Should be a great night.

Saturday, Dec. 20, 7-9PM
Mr. Cliff Stakonis is back in town to do his normal routine at the cafe. Most likely he will be rolling in accompanied by his mandolin player and drummer and they all make for a smooth collage. Show the man some love and don't let the chicago blues get you down.

Sunday, Dec. 21, 6-8PM
Mr. Tom Post probably prefers not to be referred to as Mister but I was feeling it. Tom is back in toe at the cafe and we are all hoping for some Sunday coffee drinkers to come out and spend an early evening with us...

Which could turn into a late night if you wanted to stick around for Front Porch Church that is getting started around 7:30 with chatting and continuing until nine with more formal chatting about life and love and God and spiritual things like everything. We are a diverse group of friends that have so much to bring to the conversational table and we would like to invite you out to share your thoughts and ask your questions.

That is the week on our end. Another Reminder about the amazing Christmas Eve's Eve party that is happening next Tuesday night, Dec. 23rd, starting at 7PM at the cafe. The night will include live music and carolling and classic movies and carriage rides and good times in B-town, Christmas style. Invite family and friends and foes out to join us at the cafe as we make our community a festive and unified one.

Whoever reads this entire blog- way to go, I talk too much. Leave a comment if you get this far.
I have to go home and go to bed.

Much love and thanks so much for your continued support.
Mr. Bean

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like...

December is fully upon us and it is a chilly reality. You gotta admit that illumined falling snow in a crisp, charcoal night is beautiful beyond words. Straight up cold is not always that pleasant especially when you have to warm up the car extra frozen moments and the engine and belts squeal in frigid pain. And hanging christmas lights ain't that fun with tingling fingers. All in all, winter is the season and warm drinks make things better.
Like you saw looming at the end of the blog last week, we have so much happening this week and I need to do that justice. And, we're off...

Tuesday, Tonight, 7-9PM
There is chess tonight after a couple week break so break away from the TV and enjoy the checkerboard.

Wednesday, Dec. 10, 7-8:15PM
We are like on week 13 of our original 4 week free intro class and that is totally thanks to Sam and all of the folks that have made Yoga a priority on wednesday nights. As usual, we are expecting a great, full class tommorrow and we are excited about the holiday party happening after the yoga class next week so consider bringing some healthy goodies for that.

Thursday, Dec. 11, 7-9PM
Jodi Corbett had a vision of seeing poetry bursting to life in Boyertown and that is becoming a reality with our third Open-Mic night happening this Thursday. Last time we quintupled (5X) the number of readers and if that happens again, gotta love exponential growth, we will have 5o some readers on Thursday which would be insane- literally. Come out and share and/or enjoy because "Poetry reveals that there is no empty space."

Friday, Dec. 12, 7-9 and then some PM
The Poets get their due on Thursday and the Musicians are up in arms and decided to do their own thing on Friday nights. So, every second Friday an open-mic is open to all starting at 7PM with sign-ups happening aforehand. This should be a great night of assorted genre and voice.

Saturday, Dec. 13, Afternoon
We're doing Christmas for kids on Saturday the Hard Bean way with crafts and games and a good chance to say hi to Mr. Clause who is real chum-chum with Mr. Bean. I think we rented some Elves for the day too which should be amusing. Bring the kids- or yourselves.

Music is good. We have five hours of live music happening on Saturday night and it should be good. From 6-8PM it is Leon and Scott and I have no idea what they bring to the melody table but I ain't scared. After that duo, Dave Antonio takes the stage and their is no one more entertaining and talented so everyone is in for a treat.
Carriage rides are also happening and even though it is fully booked some drop-outs might happen and at the very least Trotter allows pictures so bring a camera and a carrot.

Sunday, Dec. 14, 12-5PM
Two things are happening this special sunday noon. First off we have the Christmas bazaar which is bringing over 14 local vendors and crafters into the Bean to showcase their goods- crafts, jewelry, pottery, art, etc. Bring cash and a wish list because these are quality gifts.
Also, Tara Espinoza is in the house for her children's book signing so buy her book and she will sharpie it up.

Front Porch Church. Last week we talked about Race. Should we or can we be color blind and how does race fit into the church, our community and the world at large. It was a good discussion and I have no idea what we are discussing this week but some topic will emerge as paramount for somebody from our group and we will run with it. There is an open invite out their to porch it as we welcome any faith and persuasion to share your thoughts and insight concerning God and his creation. We mostly look at life from christian angles but we are blessed by our group's diversity and welcome all as people with value and worth.

That's a wrap. Once again we are looking forward to the Hard Bean's Christmas Eve's Eve community party on Tuesday, Dec. 23 so put that on the calendar- so much festivity funness happening that night you won't want to miss it.
I'm done.

Much Love,
Mr. Bean

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cafe News and Such

My heart is racing because I drank too much coffee, too quickly and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. Besides that, I am blown away by all the opportunities we have here for neighbors to come out and enjoy our cafe and the events we have planned. So, here we go.

Wednesday, Dec. 3, 7-8:15PM
Yoga is back and Sam is ready to lead us as we better appreciate and understand our bodies. It is a great class that welcomes first timers and experienced students alike so come out and enjoy.

Thursday, Dec. 4, 7-9PM
The Table Tops are back and playing on their familiar Thursday night. These guys are so great to have around and we appreciate their music and their following.

Friday, Dec. 5, 3-9PM
Holiday House Tour
This event is becoming one of the BBB's most successful and anticpated event and we are so glad to be hosting an art gallery as part of the tour. We are hosting 12 local artists with a wide range of styles and mediums and all of the artwork is for sale. As part of the flavor, we have live string music on tap from 5-7 and some vino to go along with our awesome cafe menu.
We will try to have music from 9-11 so keep in touch.

Saturday, Dec. 6, 8-11PM
Mr. Steve Walker is an aclaimed folk musician in the greater Berks County area and is now a loyal house musician here at the cafe. He combines easy flowing originals and fun adaptive covers and gets the audience involved in what he does best.

That's what we got. Here's a quick shout out to our soonly upcoming events
Dec. 11- Poetry Open Mic from 7-9
Dec. 12- Music Open Mic from 7-9
Dec. 13- Santa Clause is in the House and Carriage Rides that night
Dec. 14- Christmas Bazaar
Dec. 23- Christamas Eve's Eve Extravaganza- this is going to be amazing.

So, there you have it. Feel free to shoot any questions via email or the blog and we will be in touch

Much Love
Mr. Bean

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gosh, I'm So Thankful

Little Pilgrim Neighbors-
I was born on Thanksgiving Day, 1984, in a hospital and I don't remember much but it's all been up since then. The only thing I don't like about Thanksgiving is that their is no explosive fall foliage that just evokes emotion and passion- you get siloueted trees and clouds/rain/snow/fog/ice/combination thereof.
Enough rambling because I'm a rambler at heart. We have some good stuff happening this week and I don't want to hold it in any longer- I might burst but that could be the espresso too.

Tuesday will be rainy.

Wednesday will be stiff because Yoga class is canceled. The word on the street is that Sam is planning a Yoga party for a Wednesday night sometime before Christmas- keep posted.

Thursday will be Thanksgiving- enjoy. We are closed but you all have open doors and open hearts and open mouths at your respective homesteads.

Friday, Nov. 28, 7-11PM
Black Friday just gets better. After a long day of shopping or sleeping or recooperating or working you have a full night of profound music to endulge your senses. Starting off is a dude, Andrew Mann, who claims to play an "extreme variety of acoustic folk, blues and rock." I'm down!
After 9 CD and Friends (Ryan, Jason, teacher Stahl guy) takes over playing absolutely fun music before an adoring crowd of family and friends. They sing about love and toes and biscuits and I love these guys and you should too.

Saturday, Nov. 29, 12-5PM
Holiday Bazaar is not so bazaar as it makes itself out to be. Really, we have a refreshing assortment of presents from various craftspeople and vendors that could grace your tree this Christmas.
6ish-till Late
We have a lot of great musica happening this night and unfortunately we overbooked it so we are trying to figure out how to get stage time for Mike Holliday, the Slightest Chance, and the Jazz Dudes. Basically we have here a mix of acoustic ballads and raggae/folky/polkapunkadelic musing and straightup good jazz music and we are proud to have all of that inhouse on Saturday night. We will be open late so bring your blankies and get some espresso in your bloodstream.

Sunday, Nov. 30, 5-7PM
30 days in November, one to go until December, Rick Machamer is in the house, and the crowd is quiet as a mouse, not because his music stinks, but Turkey still anemically slinks, in bellies, minds and closing eyes, on this Sunday evening loose the ties.
Front Porch Church. What do you got to bring to the breathe out and inhale? We had an honest discussion last night about the "Kingdom of God" and what it's about and how we envision it as pieces of the Boyertown pie and the convo just flowed bringing to front colorful opinions and possibilities. This is what we are about. I honor you and you respect me and we talk about a wonderful God who loves to see us sipping coffee and contemplating our composite lives. Join us on Sunday night?

Last but not least- What's Brewing???
Dec. 5- The BBB's Holiday House Tour is stopping in at the Cafe for an exquisite art gallery featuring local artists, live String music and great beverages. It's culture baby!
Dec. 11- Poetry Open Mic
Dec. 12- Music Open Mic
Dec. 13- Santa's Christmas (with elves???) and Carriage Rides that night
Dec. 14- Christmas Market for being early's sake!

So much goodness I want to scream.
We are so Thankful to be a part of this Boyertown and beyond community and from the bottom of our hearts and mugs, we wish you a very happy time of feasting and fellowship with your loved ones.

God Bless
Mr. Bean

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cut to the Chase

Peoples of the Boyertown Persuasion-
Sometimes I talk alot. Tonight is about facts.
Fact- so many people donated goods for the bake sale and we made mad amounts of dough ($) that is being passed along to the Boyertown Multi-Service- Thanks!
Fact- Me against myself did not show on Saturday night to play tunes and I'm upset- no Thanks!
Fact- A bunch of people showed up and read at our second Open Mic Poetry night- Thanks
Fact- We are excited about this weeks happenings- factually read ahead! Thanks

Tuesday, 6-9PM
We now have like four chess tables so no reservations needed just come over.

Wednesday, 7-8:15PM
We had like 25 persons show up for Yoga last night so we are reserving mat spaces on a "how cool you are" basis as to be determined by your yoga outfit- come dressed to impress and early!

Thursday, 7-9PM
Scrabble players unite! Kathleen's been running the table place your bets and bring your A-game.

Friday, 7:30-11:30PM
Music, Music, Music
Val Nicole is a goddess among lyrical mortals and Chris Deetz and company brings the rocking-rolling, rhytmic loving in that order. High Schoolers are socializing at the Harvest Ball but adults are chilling at the Bean.

Saturday, All Night BabyPM
Music, Magic and Madness
Music- First off we have some music happening starting at 7 with Ralph Ritter and Friends doing an open-mic getup setup of tunes. Then "Monument" takes the stage and they claim to be loud so bring your ear muffs.
Magic- Carriage Rides. Starting at 7PM romantic carriage rides will be originating from the Bean and a one-horse, slightly enclosed carriage will carry you accross town for 20 minutes for
5$ a person. And you got hot drinks and european desserts before and after- Magical! Reservations can be made starting now or personally at the cafe starting at 6PM.
Madness- I am turning 24 on Saturday and to celebrate we are throwing an open- community birthday bash. I think the Table Tops are going to do some b-day tunes and maybe some other friends will pitch in. Their will be games and hopefully a movie and a carriage ride for parents and I. If you don't know me, make a great first impression with an awesome present. Just Kidding. Come out to the Bean to be or not to be.

Sunday, 6-8PM
Tom Post is back at the Bean for an encore performance. I missed him the first time but I know he was very impressive so I will be there on Sunday.

Front Porch Church. No pastor or choir or shame-shame, tis-tis, thou not be holy-shmoly enough to be loved and to love. We, people/friends/neighbors have been getting together for a few weeks chatting about religion and vision and opposition and politicians and anticipation of next weeks get together. Generally, we talk alot about Jesus because he is a great example of pure love but we want people to know you can come as you are and put your life on the table. We close the cafe doors at 8 but the chit-chat goes late-r.

Friends, in the near future...
November 29th, Saturday- Holiday Open House Expo, rent a table or shop around
Jazz is back on this Saturday night from 9-11 and then some!!!
December 5th, Friday- Holiday House Tour is stopping here with 12 local artists presenting their brilliant works
December 11th, Thursday- Open Mic-Poetry
December 12th, Friday- Open Mic Music

It's all good in Baliwood
Much love friends
Mr. Bean

Monday, November 10, 2008

November Notes

Dear Friends-
Monday brings with it a melody of reality- the reinstitution of work and school and a lingering smile from a weekend of play and relaxation- for some people! Monday's are quiet at the cafe in the morning but we look forward to more hustle and bustle as the week progresses. In light of that, we also have more happening during the week so let me elaborate.

Tuesday- 6-9PM
Chess is brewing as always. We got another chess table together so make the pieces move!

Wednesday- 7-8:15PM
Yoga is also alive and well and set into the life of the cafe. We are progressing and maintaining a large class size. We are accepting a drop-in donation so consider that and we would love for folks to hang out before or after enjoying healthy deserts and coffees/teas. For contemplation.

Thursday- 7-9PM
Tea is healthy, coffee can be black, every third Thursday, Open-mic Poetry is back.
I am so poetic it's not even funny.
Really, this night we are having our second open mic and we look forward to more readers. This is open to writers of poetry and prose so come a little early to hang out and get to know eachother.
Also, while some folks are reading words, others are creating them- Scrabble is being played tonight so come around for that spelling extravaganza!

Friday- 7-11PM
We have a full night of music this Friday night. Two house favorites are with us this night- Cliff Stakonis and The Table Tops and both groups bring with them original music and a great cast of friends and family. It will be a great night so enjoy their melodies.

Saturday- 10-4PM
Bake Sale. What else goes better with coffee than a freshly baked goodie? I could tell you a few things but I will resist so that you have to come out and linger at the cafe. We are still looking for donations so even if you can't come over and sign up, please drop off something Friday night or Saturday before 9 or 9:30. All proceeds go to the Boyertown Multi-Service.

A Philly area band, Me Against Myself, is in the house with us again performing their myspace renowned tunes. They got it going on some come around a bit.

Sunday- 5PM
Some folks came over last night and threw on the new Indiana Jones movie on the projector and we all had a good time so they wanted to invite everyone out to see an older Jones movie this Sunday. We got finger food and great deserts that go well with movies so enjoy friends and our comfy couches.

Front Porch church is in its third week. We have been spending time talking about random life, spiritual issues as well as taking time to get to know one another. This week we hope to dive into a Rob Bell, NOOMA video and relevant discussion. Our forming group is very diverse in belief and background so feel free to pop over and join in the fun.

This is what we got this week. We are looking forward to a few things that I will give a quick heads up

Nov. 22- My birthday and a full night of music/movies/games as well as our next Carriage Night
Nov. 29- Holiday Home Expo. Sign up for a table (12$) to display your sellable products.
Dec. 5- The BBB's Holiday House Tour is at the Bean with an amazing art gallery

Thanks so much,
Mr. Bean

Friday, November 7, 2008

Very Important News

We at the Hard Bean have a lot of stuff going on and we need your help in making these events a success. We so appreciate your friendship and support and we daily commit to do things better. Let me elaborate.

This Saturday night we are starting Community Carriage rides. A friendly gentlemen, Jacob Trotter, is bringing over his one horse open carriage to the cafe and is faciliating a 20 minute ride around town. The 18th century carriage seats around 4 people and tickets are available starting at 6PM with the first ride starting at 7PM. Tickets cost 15$ for adults and 5$ for kids. This is a fresh and cultured activity we are proud to bring to your attention.

Also, the following Thursday, Nov. 13, we are having our second Poetry Open Mic night starting up at 7PM.

Additionally, that Saturday, Nov. 15, 10AM-4PM, we are sponsoring a Bake Sale that benefits the Boyertown Multi-Service and the Holiday Meal giving program. We are in need of neighbors to help our efforts and donate baked goods that should be dropped off on Friday night or Saturday before 9:30 AM.

Lastly, on the 29th, another Saturday, we are having a Open House Holiday Bazaar with tables rentable for 12$ to sell locally made crafts as well as Home Party goods. The Bazaar will be from 12-5PM and we look forward to promoting your small business.

Just an FYI- we do have two retail booths set up at the cafe.
Your Purse Connection is a designer purse boutique created by Lorraine Sargent. A seasonal blend of purses is in the store and you can check them out at

Missy B's Soy Scents is also in the house with an amazing selection of scented candles and accessories. Lories' website is

And most lastly of all, we are open a lot!. During the week we are open from 7-9 and on Fridays and Saturdays we stay open till 11PM with live music in the house and our Sunday hours are 9-8. If you want us to be open earlier during the week please let us know- just realize its my sleep on the rocks.
So, thanks so much
Much Love
Mr. Bean

Monday, November 3, 2008

Oops, Forgot

I totally forgot to remind everyone that we have a group of ladies getting together for scrabble and they want more to join in- if you have an extra game that would be ideal to bring it on that night.

Also, we had our first edition of Front Porch Church on Sunday night- we met in the "living room" instead of outside but the symbolism still lives. Once again, we are trying to get together people who are looking for fellowship and friendship and who would consider serving each other and the community. If you are interested in this feel free to give me a call at 484 941 2450 or pop a question on the blog.
Mr. Bean

Much Ado about Something...

That something is coffee my friends and it is our aim at the cafe to make some "ado" about it. You see, there is good coffee and blah coffee, good friends and blah friends, good days and blah days, good sheep and blah sheep... You get my point. Here at the Hard Bean we are about doing things gooder than yesterday or usual and we hope that you enjoy that. And so, what we do besides coffee is whipped cream on the foam.

Tuesday, Nov. 4----Election Day-----
No excuses and no ifs,ands or butts. Get your butter cup to the voting booth and vote your conscious. Don't worry about wasted votes or political ties- vote for who you believe in and let America decide who is going to lead us.
If elections aren't exciting enough, we have chess on the menu from 6-9 so come our republicans and democrats and independents alike and duel on the checkered board.

Wednesday, Nov. 5, 7-8:15 PM
Yoga. I have said enough about this wonderful practice so today I will just say come out if you want to try yoga here at the Bean with Sam and I and a bunch of other friendly folks! Drop-in Donations are welcome and will be used in the community.

Friday, Nov. 7, 9-11 PM
Sean Moser is rocking the house this Friday night. I'm pretty sure Sean played here once before with Squid films but don't quote me on that. We will try to get some music in here early on Friday so stay tuned.

Saturday, Nov. 8, 8-11 PM
Saturdays are meant to relax and chill and drink to eachother's health. Dave Antonio is all about all of the above and wants to share his night with us- with you. He brings with him an elaborate assortment of instruments so come open to learn a thing or two.

Looking a head to somewhere over the rainbow. On Saturday, November 15th from 10-4 we are hosting a Community Bake sale that will benefit the Boyertown Multi-Service and their holiday feast giving opportunities this season. We have a sign up sheet here at the cafe to donate baked goods, anything, for that Saturday. If you have any questions stop in and see us or leave a note on the blog.

As always, we truly appreciate your patronage and friendship. We need your continued business and support to stay here in Boyertown and be a blessing.
as always
Much Love,
Mr. Bean

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chocolate Coffee Beans

Hey, I am so excited that mid-week I have more to add to the blog. We just got done a great night of up-dog yoga. You might ask, "What is up dog" and Dave Antonio would say, "Nothing much dog, what's up with you?" Regardless, let me tell you what's going on.

Halloween is here. More importantly, the day before Halloween is Thursday the 30th and from 7-9PM we are continuing our "Let's Talk Politics" Open Mic night. Come out and feel free to throw some items up on our Political Chit-Chat Wall made of tin and burlap.

Halloween is here and this Friday we are celebrating. After the TableTops rock the house from 8ish to 9 and a halfish, we will be showing a Frightening Film that will make you...order an ice-cold Frappacino!!! We will show at least one movie and hope to stay open late if folks want to hang out. Bring a friend and a costume, wear it, and enjoy the night.

Saturday night will be more of the same with music from 6-8 and a Funnilly Spoofed Film rounding out the night.

Sunday will be splendid as at 4PM we will show a kid's movie so round up the tribe and come on over to watch with your children or chat with friends.

Sunday night at 7:30 we will be starting what I would like to call- Front Porch Church. A bunch of us have been talking about our shared desire for spiritual and hopeful relationship that brings people and hearts together to heal, to share and to envision renewal. Their is an open format and open ended invitation to any seakers of hope and healing. Ask any questions and feel free to join us on Sunday night for a cup of joe and slice of life.

That is what we got. Fall is charming except for the past 2 and a half days but perserveer..."The sun'ill be out tommorrow"

Much Love
Mr. Bean

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bean Bag Facade

It is 9:11 on Monday night and I should be watching the Fillies whup up on the Rays who look more like angels than devils. I actually feel sad...bewildered...lost. Philly teams don't win- ever. They choke and that's how we know them to be. We take pride in our underserved commitment to teams of losers. Who does this team think it is to win it all and take away our true inner pride. That's how I feel at least- Duane thinks otherwise and it looks like the boys have it together this year- Go Team!
In terms of the Hard Bean team, we are winners supported by awesome fans who inspire us to keep on winning. We appreciate like none other you who come in before work, before school and before bed to spend minutes or moments in the cafe neck of the woods. We are trying to stay original and this is what we have going on this week.

Tuesday, Oct. 28, 6-9PM
No one officially showed up last week to challenge Imra in chess and that has to change this week- man up and show up!

Wednesday, Oct. 29, 7-8:15 PM
Yoga helps you get out of that non-Halloween sagging bod and spirit costume that many of us where. Sam is challenging us more and more but still makes it work for newbies so join in and remember we are accepting community benefiting drop-in donations.

Thursday, Oct. 30, 7-9ish PM
We did it. We talked about Politics last week for over 150 minutes. No blood, no sweat and no tears...wait, emotions did start to brew but we managed it well. At the end of the day, everyone present was so relieved to have talked as a community about our nation and locale and what this election means as well as the bigger picture- our shared lives today and tommorrow. We decided to keep it rolling and have the "Let's Talk Politics" Open-mic happen this week as well. Consider bringing a short (3-4 min) personal vision statement that you would like to share with the group at large. We are developing a Politics Post-it Wall at the cafe so bring any appropiate propoganda, info, pictures and...leave the propoganda at home maybe. Be there or be square!
Hint- scrabble is also happening so listen in while formulating words.

Friday, Oct. 31, 9-11PM
Halloween. We will have something for the kids so bring them in in their costumes. And for the young adults- Costume Twister. And for musica lovers- the Table Tops. These kids are spookishly amazing. I think they will where their high school rockers costume but their jamming is ever the same although getting better every time. Don't be a Halloweenie- spend Friday night out at the Bean.

Saturday, Nov. 1, 6-8PM
Mr. Tom Post is joining us for the first time at the Bean. As usual, I don't know much about this fella but he is obviously confident enough to sing in front of strangers and probably won't have a costume on so you will see the real deal. We are trying to snag someone for the late night so take a gamble on a new month and chill at our place.

So, that is that. Not a bad deal. I said it once, but yet again, you people of Boyertown and beyond rock. I would give you free drinks all the time if I could but in the long run you'd end up going back to Dunkin's and that's not cool. So, keep on coming and we will treat you well.

Much Love,
Mr. Bean

Monday, October 20, 2008

Critical Coffee Consumption Alert

Ladies and Gents-
A very much illegitamized news source has recently reported that drinking coffee, lots of it, will enable you to live past 100. They gave no scientific support or related test results but the Hard Bean is running with this critical report. So, come on in and sip to your health.

On a more sincere note, we have a lot going on this week. The cafe was totally energized by the Halloween parade on Saturday night and we wanna keep the groove going into the new year. Sorry about the lack of info last week- it shall not happen again.

School Lunches this week with appropiate adjectives.
Monday- Hungry Hippo Hot Dogs
Tuesday- Mama Mia's Meatballs
Wednesday- Succulent Spicy Chicken
Thursday- Burly Beef Stew
Friday- Samson's Sausage
Lunches include a sandwhich (when appropiate), bag of chips and drink for 3.71$

Tuesday, Oct. 21 6-9PM
Chess is in the house. Actually, we have a few chess boards around so feel free to come over and play whenever but this night we are blessed to have Imra spend time with chessite's instructing those who want to learn and playing with those who just want to play- good time!

Wednesday, Oct. 22 7-8:15PM
Yoga was cancelled last week because of a purse party so everyone is antsy to get back into the flow. Once again, we are accepting a drop-in donation that is going towards community outreach projects at the cafe. This class is great for beginners and experts so enjoy your time.

Thursday, Oct. 23 7-9PM
Okay, so most sane people don't bring up politics and religion- especially with folks who you know hold a different perspective. So, we are going to talk about politics tonight. The idea is to share vision, hope and counsel for our country and community in an open-mic setting. Our voices have everything to do with the upcoming election but also transcend it to acting as neighbors and citizens everyday. Bring a smile and listening mind.
Also, some ladies got together last week for a scrabble game and wanted to invite everyone out to share in the word formation fun. They were cut-throat but shook hands after the match. They will only be using political verbiage on Thursday so brush up on it.

Friday, Oct. 24 Night
We don't have any music yet planned so myself and helping barista will be singing behind the counter. Forreal, we will do our best to get a band in on Friday night so wish us luck. If anyone has a projector we could use please let us know- love to start doing movie nights and such.

Saturday, Oct. 25 Day
For the kids out there. During the day we will be providing pumpkins and paint to decorate and take home to proud family and friends. No carving will be involved to bring your kids and a change of clothes.
Night- 6-8PM
Mike Holliday joins us on Saturday night to warm up the melody inside. Mike has a great voice and his music makes for a real coffeehouse atmosphere. Come out and mellow out on a cold Autumn night.

This is what we got. A reminder that we are open till 8 on Sundays and we are always looking for performers and want to open up our cafe for parties and game nights and whatever you can think of. We also have booth space available for those entrepeneurs out there(they need to be good at spelling) so just let us know how we can acomodate. We are so grateful for your business and friendship so come on in and keep us company.

Much love,
Mr. Bean

Monday, October 6, 2008

October Rhapsody

We are all children on a wide open plain. The fabled "Indian Summer" reminds us that magic still thrives in expectant hearts. For me, the heat of Autumn illuminates the first changing leaves of the Sugar Maple and encourages me to shed layers and distressed stress in favor of one more sun tan. I also look for hot tea and a threadbare flannel shirt to keep me warm among the shadows when you can literally taste the fresh air. Come on over to the cafe and we can share more images and word collages. Or swing over to the open mic Poetry Night next Thursday!!!
Autumn is here and to celebrate we are doing a little decorating and figuring out some logistics behind what we can do to ensure you feel good when you step accross the cafe threshold. This week we have the usual allottment of "goodness" so don't be shy- indulge!

Meat Balls tommorrow for school lunch!!!

Tuesday, Oct. 7 6-9PM
Chess is catching on a little bit as each week new faces mix with old and take to the board to battle logic and patience. There is a new checkerboard cafe table which is hoping to be occupied tommorrow night. Imra would be glad for some new pupils to coach through a game or two.

Wednesday, Oct. 8 7-8:15PM
Don't worry, we are not getting greedy. This week we will start collecting a drop-in donation that is going to be used to fund some community outreach programs we are starting up at the cafe. Yoga for me brings relaxment and a strength of mind that naturally flows into my outlook and committment to my friends and neighbors. Henceforth, I love old english and am excited that we could round up some dough to get good things done in B-town.

Thursday, Oct. 9 7-Sometime later than 7PM
Politics is also in the air these days as the elections are less than one month away. A handful of folks have been reading the book, "God's Politics" by Jim Wallis and the reading has led to some great, honest discussion about the role of true faith and righteousness in America today. Whether you have read the book or not, the discussion is free for all and engaging as there is so much to learn from our neighbors and their experience. Come out and share your mind.

Friday, Oct. 10 8-11PM
Another musical debut is upon us. Steve Walker has posted a bright yellow flyer on the community board that screams for attention. He seems like a wicked cool guy that is really into supporting the local music scene and that alone deserves a solid audience. It is Homecoming weekend for Boyertown- Go Team- but there is reason to cheer for the home team and then Stevo- all on the same night.

Saturday, Oct. 11 8-11PM
Mr. Dave Antonio. He is the man who faithfully grabs an espresso before teaching musica up the street at Bachman's. Dave is a good guy and so amazingly talented bringing us sounds we don't usually here in Boyertown- no, no yodeling or belch-harmonizing- just the sitar and some kind of deal that ends in "roo". Enjoy the near end of the weekend with us and Dave.

Once again, we are open till 8PM on Sundays as of yesterday which means you can start work or school with caffeine in your bloodstream.
Thanks again for your support and patronage. Continue to tell friends and compadres about us so that more folks can rock and roll at the Bean.

Much love
Mr. Bean

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Here Goes

Sorry about that sputtering this morning. Here's life at the Bean starting with tonight.

Wednesday, Tonight 7-8PM
Sam says "continue" and that we shall. We are keeping up the offering of free Yoga classes every Wednesday with a neato change coming up next week. We will be proposing a drop-in fee (whatever you can afford and love to part with flow($) wise would be appreciated) with the proceeds going towards community service events initiated by the cafe. Your support would be welcome for sure.

Thursday, Oct. 3 7-9PM
No book discussion this night (The Jim Wallis- "God's Politics" study/convo will continue next week) but Carson and Tyler are back to give their melodical two cents concerning love and the like. The Table Tops are a lot of fun and a sure bet for anyone's Thursday night out.

Friday, Oct. 4 7-11PM
We got some newbies in town to share their talent with us. The night starts off with Yvonne Hartman and Band who have promised us a good time. I don't know much about this band but she sounded like a cool gal on the phone and for that I give her two thumbs up.
From 9-11 Zach Cambria and Mark Gettis will do their thing. Once again, I don't know much but I think these fellas are locals and we take any and all flavors. Enjoy Friday night on us!

Saturday, Oct. 5 1-3PM
"Monty the Traveling Cat" is a childrens book about a feline named Monty who knows how to get around town (traveling). I have not read this read but I hear it's a B-town best seller so bring in your kids for a classic story time and book signing with the author.
Back in the day when she first played at the Bean, I had no idea what Val Nicole's deal was. She said she had a guitar and keyboard and a voice but no one at the cafe was expecting her energy and quality of covers and originals. She did Norah and Avril and other lady singers as well as sharing her own lyrics and we are mutually excited to have her back.

Sunday, Oct. 6 till close at 8PM
Just a heads up that we have extended our Sunday hours till 8PM.

Much love folks. We appreciate your friendship and we look forward to the next few weeks as the sun goes north but the cafe stays right here. So enjoy our essence as your coffee house.
Mr. Bean

Delayed by...

Sorry about the absence of fresh news. I need some dayblog saving days to take me back to Sunday so that you can get info before its here. Regardless, we have the information now that ensures a genuinely cool...
sorry I gotta go to work. I will be back tonight to fill everyone in.
Mr. Bean

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall

Love is in the air and it is not cheesy Valentine's Day shananigans- not sure about the spelling. Surely, romance and vitality is alive as the breeze gets cooler while the sun's brightness is much more appreciated. The cafe welcomes this change of season and promises to keep our brews fresh and warm.

So, after a great weekend with Boyertown which realized a fabulous Oktoberfest celebration, we are ready to keep the culture flowing. This week we have another full slate of activities and menu for the high school students. That first.

Our daily student lunch special includes a great sandwhich, bag of chips (they're Good) and drink all for 3 dollars and 71 cents (Federal Goodness Tax incl.) Amazing! For the rest of the week.
Tuesday- Coney Island Hot Dogs- not sure about that reference
Wednesday- Beef Stew
Thursday- Gravy Chicken
Friday- Sloppy Joes- Where a bib or art smock!

Tuesday, Sept. 23 6-9PM
Chess is in-house again. We have the board, pieces and teacher so just come out and enjoy.

Wednesday, Sept. 24 7-8PM
Yoga has been amazingly successful here at the Bean and we are continuing it for as long as Sam is limber and eager to teach. Really, we are blessed to have Sam volunteer his services and thanks to everyone who has been sharing in the exercises. We are on for Wed. night.

Thursday, Sept. 25 7-9PM
While some folks continue talking politics in the "God's Politics" book club meeting, Chris Stakonis will be side stage singing his usual mix of original chicago blues and country with Duke, our recycla-dog providing back up vocals. Who knows, Chris might join in the discussion with some melodical musings about taxes and vietnam so come whatever your political persuasion. In the book study, we will be covering the first 84 pages of Jim Wallis' book- "God's Politics- why the Right is wrong and the Left doesn't get it."

Friday, Sept. 26 7-11PM
Mickey will be joining us from 7-9 with a solid lineup of gritty and well-sung material. At this point, I don't know what genre he is but he is acoustic and plays the harmonica and I think he is irish- you come and find out and leave a comment if you know.
To round out the night, the boys are back- CD, Keener and Jason to rock and roll the night away. These guys have a faithful following and allow me to sit in on a Jack Johnson song which makes me happy. Really, you are in for a good time with no refund neccessary.

Saturday, Sept. 27 6-11PM
The days are getting darker and quick so Mike Holliday is sharing his "enlightening" muses a little sooner. From 6-8 Mike will be with us so come to listen intently to his great lyrics or just enjoy the background melody.
Rocket 88 will be in the rest of the night to do their thing. A mother of one of them was in today, shuh...don't tell the band this!, and she approves of the venue and is excited for the band to be at the Bean. They do southern rock so bring your pickup, cutoffs whiskey, tabacco and guns.

This is what we got. Thanks again so much for your business and friendship. We love seeing folks hanging out and catching up and enjoying our couches or front porch or cup of coffee. Come out and linger- we will take your money but prefer a convo and smile.
See you soon
The Bean

Sunday, September 14, 2008

No Longer Commentless!!!

Gents and Ladies-
NO, ladies must not always be first so deal with it! Especially a gent named Robert was semi-officially the first commenter on our blog and that brings joy to my heart- someone out there has found the blog and written a comment and it's only up from here. Speaking of up, there is a fantastic week of 70's weather on tap and that spells magic for our front porch and open door- no AC and no perspiration. Enough rambling- we have a lot to chat-a-tat-tat about so lets roll.

Tuesday, Sept. 16 6-9PM
Imra and his wife Bea come with books and magazines in hand as well as a beautiful chess set. Imra has taught for eons, okay, maybe less than that but still he has stories galore to pass the time if you really aren't down with learning the game. He would love to engage with some interested players and invest his time and experience in bettering your chess life.

Wednesday, Sept. 17 6:50ish to 8:05ish
We start early and usually hang out late with a great session of Yoga sandwhiched in between. Last week, Sam's flow was a little assaulted by cops giving tickets so don't park next door. This week is the last installment of our opening 4 week session and we promise to talk about what's next for Yoga at the Bean. Thanks Sam and participants for a great opening period.

Thursday, Sept. 18 7-9ish
"God's Politics" In God we many of us trust and our nation is still supposedly one nation under HIM. So what does he have to say about American politics at this juncture. Would he vote for Obama or McCain or maybe write in himself as our commander in chief. This book by Jim Wallis looks at our faith and basic values and elaborates more concerning what is right and wrong today- not republican or democrat platform spewing. This is our first try at an old-fashioned community book club that will culminate in a Let's talk Politics: Open Mic Night in October.

Friday, Sept. 19 7-11PM
I love thrift stores. Pit stains aside, you can't beat the price and the destined aspect of clothing your size and style. The Thrift is a band and I have no idea if they like used clothing. Come out and hear them play at 7.
I like mongese because they fight with cobras and win. Bill and Tony Malfaro and their buddy, Kyle, are the Mongese(plural for one mongoose) and they no how to rock and roll. They were the first band to play at the Bean and we support them. Kill those cobras fellas.

Saturday, Sept. 20 7-9:30PM and then some
This is a special day for Boyertown beer drinkers. Yes, Octoberfest which is happening a full 10 days from October but no one seems upset because the beer will flow And to cap off the drunken bash- just kidding, this is a cultural extravaganza about friendship and community not folly and sillyness- we are doing a Saturday night music wrap.
Ralph Ritter, B-towns underground music guru, will be sharing his stuff for a hot hour of passionate originals. As a followup, Squid Films will be back in town to share their original album of new music. These guys are feeling a fine future for their band and they are taking advantage of performing at the Bean to get into their groove.

A quick head's up- the Bean will be open till 8PM on Sunday's starting the first weekend in October so make that successful for us and round out your weekend with a cup of love. We are so happy to be brewing in Boyertown and are proud to provide a new Fair-trade coffee "Artist Blend" starting next weekend. We love this community, hate having to fight for parking spots and are committed to you. Thanks for your business and more importantly your friendship and encouragement.

Much Love
Mr. Bean

Monday, September 8, 2008

Front Porching It...

To Young and Old-
Our porch is always open. Many times we stay open way beyond closing time and have folks chilling outside past midnight drinking deep from fresh convo and friendship. This is what we love to see and we are committed to being an establishment that allows, enables and promotes this reality of community. We hope that you tag along and give us some ideas about how we can do better or do more or do more things better. We are also sticking with our usual community entrees and hope you indulge this week. On tap this week...

Student Lunch Specials
If you sport a valid High School ID you can show up and grab a great lunch for 3.50$ every school day. There is a rotating menu of hot sandwhiches tagteaming with a bag of chips and drink to inspire y'all to academic excellence.

Book Club
Just to let you know, we got a book club started with a first discussion night planned for Thursday, Sept. 18 at 7PM. We are looking at a book by Jim Wallis called "God's Politics- Why the Right is wrong and the Left doesn't get it" This is a book with a strong moral platform and should lead to some vibrant discussion about politics and how we can understand it and invest in it better on a local and national/foreign level. Check it...check it out.

Tuesday, Sept. 9 7-9PM
Imra is back to do chess. We had a light classload last week but the timer is set for round two of this chess extravaganza opportunity.

Wednesday, Sept. 10 7-8PM
If nothing else, you should come out and sample Sam's amazing soundtrack that he uses to tune us into the Yoga program. Coldplay and Pink Floyd and Jon Mayer are a few of my favorites! All in all the musica is a just a tool of relaxation and give me rhythm to bend and flex and balance and that is good. We have had full classes up till now but there is still room at the Bean for you.

Thursday, Sept. 11 7-9PM
Gracing the Back to School Party last Saturday, the Table Tops are here on short rest and ready to rock and roll. Tyler and Carson seem to be getting more and more comfortable and confident and that resonates with the crowd. This duo has great originals and knows how to get'er done.

Friday, Sept. 12 8-11PM
I can't wait to chill with Chris and Ryan again for open mic and a Boyertown jam session compliments of these amazingly talented and humble friends. Ryan is always nervous and ready to barf before playing so make sure he feels your support. Really, these guys ensure a fun night. Bill Malfaro might also be in town to help out with the open-mic so enjoy his old school persona.

Saturday, Sept. 13 8-11PM
When Dave is not playing or teaching music, he is drinking Espresso or talking about holistic health or being a kid again by playing with our resident register shark that some poor kid left here a while back. His first appearance a month ago was a lot of fun as he showcased a few instruments- sitar, didgeradoo and flute to name a few. He knows how to pull it all together and make it a fun night- he also sings in spanish which is beautiful to hear! Come on out and enjoy his musical hodgepodge.

So, it is.
Let me know if you read this. I have had no comments so far. Just wondering
much love
Mr. Bean

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekly Community Specials

Friends and Family of Boyertown and Beyond-
We are following through with our committment to our community and to our customer/neighbors. There is almost a full slate of activities every night and a weekend full of music to round out this first week of school for our Boyertown district students. And so, we are so grateful to be hosting all of these events and we hope that many folks can enjoy them.

Tuesday, September 2 6-9 PM
Any chess players out there. Imra is in the house to teach us how to play the game with spirit and an old-school edge. Come out whatever your skill and interest level and just enjoy learning and gaming- we have a full house of other games from monopoly to jenga to puzzles so for the the non-chess crowd you still got a good reason to come- and the coffee!

Wednesday, September 3 7-8 PM
Yoga is Vinyastic again on Wednesday evening. Sam is a great instructor and his time and talent is well appreciated- he is offering this four week session for free and it was a lot of fun last week and I for one will be there tommorrow night. Come early to get relaxed and stay late for some healthy tea and snacks and convo.

Thursday, September 4 10:30-11:30 AM
Mothers, this is for you. Janine from the Boyertown Library is hosting her special Story Time for youngsters at the HardBean. There will be a few coffee related selections as well as a craft time to boot. We really want to reach out to moms with kids and create a place for you to come with your children and have them enjoy it as well. If this goes well on Thursday we will try to continue this!
7-9 PM
Chris Stakonis will be chilling with us for the evening and we are ready. He brings a crowd and his own original music and both are worth getting familiar with. So come on out.

Friday, September 5 8-10 PM
Taking Motion is a group comprised of a newly wed couple- Jeremy and Anna Simon. Jeremy is from the area and also just opened his own recording studio so up and coming musicians take notice. They both love eachother and enjoy jamming together. Make them feel at home on their first visit to the Bean.

Saturday, September 6 7-11 PM
We love the High School and are so excited that they are so close and filled with young, energetic friends- the future of our community and country. They are starting school today and we want to welcome them back with a special party featuring a few local bands and plenty of caffeine. Old folks are more then welcome to come and crash the party but keep in mind whose night this is.

This is what's on the menu and nothing is low-fat so indulge yourselves. Thanks once again for your committment to us.

Much Love,
The Hard Bean

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We've Got it Going on Folks!

Ladies and Gents-

This week is filled to the brim with lyrics and movement and of course liquid enjoyment. As usual, the music is happening all weekend but their is a new surprise and even more goodness starting up next week. This cool weather is perking up sundrained coffee lovers as we look forward to a fun fall. Here's what's on the menu...

TONIGHT, Wednesday, Aug 27 7-8PM
Vinyasa Yoga is making an elastic grand entrance into Hard Bean culture. Sam Comeriato from Final Results is teaching a set of free classes that will stretch us into September. Bring a mat or a towel and your stressed bodies and let it all go. Any level is welcome and just give it a shot!

Thursday, Aug 28 7-9PM
Tyler and Carson were the first musicians who offered their talents to the Bean and they have yet to dissappoint. Every other Thursday they spend the evening rocking with family and friends filling the cafe. They got a strong voice and personality creating a pleasant musical blend.

Friday, Aug 29 8-11PM
Squid Films is back to do music: no motion pictures yet although that is in the mix for these guys. This is an encore performance for this group from Temple and they ready to turn some heads with their unique abilities.
Open Mic. Bill Malfaro is getting an eclectic mix of musicans to share their talent on the Bean's common grounds. You never know who will show up light up the house. The Malfaro's like the old stuff but come who you are and jam a little.

Saturday, Aug 30 7-11PM
We got another twosome on this last Saturday in August. Mike Holliday starts off the night at 7 and as always has a lot to say. You might think alike or differently and his music caters to artful discussion.
Matt Bailey showed up last week and is now hitting the stage to play an assorted mix of covers. He's got the floor so all you got to do is show up and enjoy the evening.

We have so much stuff going on in September so keep posted and check out this blog as we go. I was late this week and I apologize for that. Remember that we welcome your advice and your talents.
Come on over and enjoy Boyertown's Front Porch.
much love

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Keeping a Fresh Brew

Summer is fading. College kids are starting the flight back...home/campus and high schoolers are realizing that the early wake up calls will be here shortly. The working adult world is either breathing a sigh of relief in this case or lamenting the loss of contact with their children (I hope for the latter). The fast pace of summer freedom is merging into the droning rhetoric of enlightenment. Good stuff- give me another cappuccino.
We at the Hard Bean are enjoying serving a wide range of folks who are coming out to enjoy each other and a sense of realized culture; we have a stream of culture here in Boyertown but ignorance can cultivate apathy. With increased vision, we intend to bring culture to the table over the coming months through various creative means and pursuits- plays, health, politics, education, community endeavors. For this week we are sticking to music which has been a pleasant constant for us but keep us in mind to share your voice and raise concern or celebrate something of worth.

Thursday, August 21 7-9PM
Chris Stakonis is sweet talking his way back on stage to a friendly and faithful following. Listen to what he has to say as representative of any Berk's county neighbor. He has a good heart and a steady smile and wants to sing about it.

Friday, August 22 7-11PM
Never question a gal with two first names. Valerie Nicole is joining us at the Bean for the first time and has promised to break up the masculine music monopoly. I can't tell you much because this is a first listening for me as well but after our brief phone convo I'm convinced she's a good kid.

Chris and Ryan know how to rock the house. They have promised to fill up the place with folks ready to sing along to old school Petty and Dead and fun originals. Chris caters our food and is emerging as a signature "house blend" of great music. Come out for a great night!

Saturday, August 23 8-11PM
Jazz is back. Will and Adam have been amazing their last two shows. What's most amazing is the eclectic mix of people who have showed up and been glued to their seats in amazement of this duo's talent. Maybe some dancing shoes will be laced this time, nonetheless, these guys know how to jazz up Boyertown.

Thanks again to all of our loyal supporters. Without you we would be underbrewed!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beaning Along in Boyertown- August 11-18

Friends from town and out-

We are still here and loving it (not that there is any reason why we shouldn't be here but it is not easy to start up a business and make it happen). It truly is amazing as this place becomes a home in this community for our neighbors- in here we rub shoulders, we chat it up and enjoy amazing coffee. And the music! We have been so fortunate to get live music in here so fast and it all has been amazing. We have everything from folk to rock to jazz to country to acoustic to the sitar and flute. We aim on keeping this going because the beat keeps us rocking behind the counter.
Speaking of music...

Thursday, August 14th, 7-9PM
The Table Tops are back after a week off. Tyler and Carson are cool kids who know how to jam. They do covers and originals and their dads are cool cats. I for one don't have a problem chilling with my young friends so just come out and enjoy their tunage.

Friday, August 15th, 8:30-11PM
Open-Mic. The Malfaro's are hosting and freeing up the stage for you to express and hopefully not depress the crowd. Bad and good singers alike- what counts is if you are having fun and showing what you got. Come out and enjoy a free spirited Friday night.

Saturday, August 16th, 8-11 PM
Don't let the name scare you away. No tentacles and no independent films althought that is coming. Squid Films is a group of fun guys who are getting known in local music circles and have some crazy ideas for their musical/digital art form. Support them and enjoy their style.

That's what we got. And much more is coming!
Thanks again for your continued support and friendship. This is Boyertown's cafe and neighborhood hub for community. Please come back.

Much Love
The Bean

Monday, August 4, 2008

This Week at the Bean

Hello Friends from the Hard Bean-

We have another exciting week lined up for the community with live music filling up the weekend. We want to thank everyone for the continued support and patience as we correct our mistakes and learn to make the best cup of coffee possible. It has been a pleasure to start seeing this place become an emergent “hangout” location for neighbors of all ages- sharing a drink or a convo and a good time.
Here’s what we got!

Thursday, August 7th 7-9PM
Cliff Stakonis jumps back on the stage for a night of relaxed country and Chicago Blues. Performing a number of originals, Cliff is quickly emerging as an easy going regular at the Bean.

Friday, August 8th 8-11PM
The album in named “Mercy of the Road.” Mike Holliday’s soft-spoken voice and persona command attention for his edgy and thoughtfully articulated lyrics which question and answer.

Saturday, August 9th 7-9PM
Truly a local, Dave Antonio, is coming around to share some funky instruments which are sure to renovate our Berks County understanding of music.
Adam Price and Will are back for a repeat Jazz explosion. Along with another Boyertown student, these guys energized the crowd at the Julliard After Party two weeks ago. Jazz is here to stay so you should too.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Now Open, The Hard Bean Cafe in Boyertown, PA

We opened our doors last Thursday at noon to a modest crowd of coffee-goers and since then we have seen the best that Boyertown has to offer from artists to musicians to high schoolers, old folks, young folks, new folks, folk players...okay, so there has been a lot of people in here since then! It is exciting for us to see what else is in store :)

Tonight, Tyler Haddad and Carson Hershberger, local Boyertown High School students, played a remarkably diverse set from the Beatles to Weezer to their original songs that packed the house with satisfied listeners. Check out more of their music at

Check out what's in store for this weekend:::

Friday July 25
The Mongeese
Bills and Tony Malfaro
Awesome local family of brilliant muscians. Think the Allman Brothers, but better!

Saturday July 26
9am to 12pm
Cliff Stackonis
Another great local artist. Country, folky, bluegrass goodness.

Next Stop: Julliard AFTERPARTY
A benefit concert will be held at Boyertown Area Senior High at 7pm for Orin Strunk who is seeking to defray the cost of early admission to Julliard. We will be hosting the AFTERPARTY at the Hard Bean around 9pm when the concert lets out. Come meet Orin and hear more about his future endeavors. Enjoy more music and espresso beans.

We would like to give a shout out to the Building a Better Boyertown commitee who has played a huge part in getting our name out and setting up an interest within the community. May we all continue to grow.

That's all the news for now, check back frequently for more updates.

The Hard Bean Boyertown