Monday, November 24, 2008

Gosh, I'm So Thankful

Little Pilgrim Neighbors-
I was born on Thanksgiving Day, 1984, in a hospital and I don't remember much but it's all been up since then. The only thing I don't like about Thanksgiving is that their is no explosive fall foliage that just evokes emotion and passion- you get siloueted trees and clouds/rain/snow/fog/ice/combination thereof.
Enough rambling because I'm a rambler at heart. We have some good stuff happening this week and I don't want to hold it in any longer- I might burst but that could be the espresso too.

Tuesday will be rainy.

Wednesday will be stiff because Yoga class is canceled. The word on the street is that Sam is planning a Yoga party for a Wednesday night sometime before Christmas- keep posted.

Thursday will be Thanksgiving- enjoy. We are closed but you all have open doors and open hearts and open mouths at your respective homesteads.

Friday, Nov. 28, 7-11PM
Black Friday just gets better. After a long day of shopping or sleeping or recooperating or working you have a full night of profound music to endulge your senses. Starting off is a dude, Andrew Mann, who claims to play an "extreme variety of acoustic folk, blues and rock." I'm down!
After 9 CD and Friends (Ryan, Jason, teacher Stahl guy) takes over playing absolutely fun music before an adoring crowd of family and friends. They sing about love and toes and biscuits and I love these guys and you should too.

Saturday, Nov. 29, 12-5PM
Holiday Bazaar is not so bazaar as it makes itself out to be. Really, we have a refreshing assortment of presents from various craftspeople and vendors that could grace your tree this Christmas.
6ish-till Late
We have a lot of great musica happening this night and unfortunately we overbooked it so we are trying to figure out how to get stage time for Mike Holliday, the Slightest Chance, and the Jazz Dudes. Basically we have here a mix of acoustic ballads and raggae/folky/polkapunkadelic musing and straightup good jazz music and we are proud to have all of that inhouse on Saturday night. We will be open late so bring your blankies and get some espresso in your bloodstream.

Sunday, Nov. 30, 5-7PM
30 days in November, one to go until December, Rick Machamer is in the house, and the crowd is quiet as a mouse, not because his music stinks, but Turkey still anemically slinks, in bellies, minds and closing eyes, on this Sunday evening loose the ties.
Front Porch Church. What do you got to bring to the breathe out and inhale? We had an honest discussion last night about the "Kingdom of God" and what it's about and how we envision it as pieces of the Boyertown pie and the convo just flowed bringing to front colorful opinions and possibilities. This is what we are about. I honor you and you respect me and we talk about a wonderful God who loves to see us sipping coffee and contemplating our composite lives. Join us on Sunday night?

Last but not least- What's Brewing???
Dec. 5- The BBB's Holiday House Tour is stopping in at the Cafe for an exquisite art gallery featuring local artists, live String music and great beverages. It's culture baby!
Dec. 11- Poetry Open Mic
Dec. 12- Music Open Mic
Dec. 13- Santa's Christmas (with elves???) and Carriage Rides that night
Dec. 14- Christmas Market for being early's sake!

So much goodness I want to scream.
We are so Thankful to be a part of this Boyertown and beyond community and from the bottom of our hearts and mugs, we wish you a very happy time of feasting and fellowship with your loved ones.

God Bless
Mr. Bean

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