Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Better Late than Never?

Dear Friends-
It is Wednesday morning and I guess that the only excuse I have is that the heat roasted me a little bit more bitter than usual and henceforth the tardiness. Not sure about the correlation there but the important thing is that we care at the Bean to let you know what's up and happening throughout the week- especially this week with an amazing weekend of music on the docket- please read ahead!

It is Wednesday so this is old news but every last Tuesday of the month there is a Support Group gathering hosted by our own Ruthanne O'lock and last night was quite a success with a bunch of folks dealing with disabilities spending part of their evening together- to relax and get to know and encorage one another. Keep this in mind for yourself and family and friends who need a good support system as they keep up the good fight.

Wednesday, April 29th
Yoga is happening this morning and the word on the street is that the first class is now 8$ with regular class fees being 10$. Not bad so enjoy.
Vinyasa yoga is here for another night and tonight it will be a little cooler so when you go home you will be relaxed and not stressed by the summer heat. The class is offered for a 2$ donation so there is no reason not to try it out or continue your regular yoga routine.

Thursday, April 30th, 7PM
SCRABBLE is always played on Thursday nights and newcomers are always welcome to join in the spelling fun. It is semi-competitive so leave the proper nouns at home.

Friday, May 1st, 7-11PM
I think it is Flag Day or Independence Day in Mexico and in Boyertown we are celebrating with some exceptional music. Starting off the night from 7-9 is Haley Sheeler from Reading who has played here once before and is quite good. You can check her out at and there you will find she is rockin and worth your audience.
As for the followup act, we are priveleged to have Wayne Johnston who virtually resides at but more importantly is here at the cafe on Friday night. This guy is heart and soul blues and has quite the history as a regional blues top notch musician. I confess I'm not quite sure what Wayne has accomplished but everyone I tell about his appearance is shocked and excited so please, please, please welcome him to Boyertown.

Saturday, May 2nd, 7-11PM
And Saturday night is no musical let down with a full slate for yall. Starting off the night is a local folk/country band, the Barn Swallows. This band plays a lot locally and you can here songs from the recent album on their myspace- They are very talented and it is our pleasure to have them with us on Saturday.
And graciously taking the later slot for the evening is Troy Allen who has played here at the Bean a bunch of times. Troy is a poet and a mad drummer and knows how to sing doing a wide range of alternative covers and having a CD's worth of original music that comprises his new album- Chewing on Marbles which he should have on hand on Sat. night. Feel free to check out his site at

Sunday, May 3rd, 7PM
If you are over 50 and Single there is only one place you should be on Sunday night. The Bean is hosting a "Fifty and Free" singles social group event here at the cafe and the organizers are excited to offer this opportunity for you to put off inhibitions and excuses and enjoy the evening with other friendly singles. A contact to get a better feel for the night is Diane whose number is 610- 367- 9779

That is a wrap for the week. From the bottom of our coffee cups we thank you for your continued support and friendship. We value you and ask you to return and tell friends. Our doors are almost always open and the planter boxes will be filled by the weekend so enjoy the porch!

Be Blessed
Mr. Bean

Monday, April 20, 2009

April Showers Bring...

Soggy socks...sour moods...annoying intermediate wiper blade action. And of course May flowers but the pessimist out there will remind us all of global warming, flowers being more expensive because of the recession and the sure coming of drought and bird flu.
Optimism wins.
A special thanks to the 11 followers of the cafe blog. You make Mr. Bean smile. We did miss out on the first day of your week but let's take the time to fill in the rest of the dots. Read on...

Tuesday, April 21st, 7PM
Chess rules the night with diligent young pupils engaging Imra in brilliant mastermind affairs. Join the action every chess action every Tues night.

Wednesday, April 22nd
AM Yoga is still in session with certified yoga instructor, Donna O'Rourke leading the efforts and now offering a 2$ off coupon for the first attended class. Classes are 10$ weekly and for first timers, the coupon helps you give it a try.

Vinyasa flow yoga happens on Wednesday evenings thanks to the veteran and casual direction of Sam who has been teaching here since September. These classes are great for newbies and oldies so come and enjoy a 2$ donation class!

Thursday, April 23rd, 7PM
A group of folks play SCRABBLE every Thursday night and you should see the words fly accross the board...really intense words like "I Q" and "R A" and "D O" Just to prove that anybody can join in I gave away the genius' secret power words.

Friday, April 24th, 7-11PM
The weekend is all about great music starting with Friday night which is off with a bang with Cappi Hour from 5-7PM. First off is the amazing Sarah Goldbloom who "hails?" from Ambler area and is a fine singer/songwriter and is sure to impress with her soulful voice and lyrics. You can find her online at
Following her, very promptly because they have very kindly let Sarah use their sound equipment, are the Table Tops, who rocked the afternoon at this Saturdays "Coming out of Hibernation". Tyler and Carson are fun and energetic and play fun instruments like the recorder but check out there myspace and dig there talent.

Saturday, April 25th
Craft Sale. We have, in house, over 15 local craftpersons producing and selling a wide range of crafty items from jewelry to candles to llama hair speedo shorts for the confident menfolk out there. You should come out and enjoy Saturday morning at the sale in our house!
Okay, you can't get much better for a night cap then these two talented musicians performing on Saturday night. Starting the evening is a newcomer, Josh Swavely to the Hard Bean scene. Be sure to find him online at Josh joins us from Mohnton and apparently sings acoustically and is influenced by...Voltage spikes in my brain that cause uncontrolable his words. Give him a shot!
And following Josh from 9-11PM is the awesome Tim Harakal who has recently done amazingly well at West Chester Radio's Battle of the Bands. Tim's voice is gold and his lyrics are fun and he plays like Jimmy Hendrix when he was like 5 but that's still intense and to prove it visit him virtually at

You people are lovely. Thanks for being such wonderful friends and loyal patrons and as always we welcome thoughtful critique and your ideas of community involvement.
Be Blessed and in the words of Rhiana whose birthday was today, not really but..."you can stand under my ummbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, with a mocha cafe, eh, eh, eh"
much love
Mr. Bean

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Eggs and Dust Bunny Hoppin'

It is Easter Sunday but Mr. Bean does not rest from doing his work of informing and encouraging community involvement here at the Bean. I for one had a great day with family and friends with more festivities to come and trust that all of you experienced the same goodness that Easter and the coming of Spring brings to us. We do have an amazing lineup of events and activities that we want to share with you so please read along.

Monday, April 13, 7-8:30PM
Beyond a shadow of a doubt yoga is happening tommorrow night and Jillian is real excited to have a full class of students ready to burn off some Easter calories. It's a great class so join in and remember the 2$ donation.

Tuesday, April 14, 7PM
The special event this night is an Antiques discussion: Antique and Collectible Timepieces - Imre and Beatrice Szalai will focus on 19th Century American clocks. If antique hunting and collecting is your thing you might want to try this out. Imra is in house the whole night so I also assume the chess classes will be offered for the evening.

Wednesday, April 15
AM yoga is in session with an amazing class offered by Donna O'Rourke. Classes are 10$ each and well worth it for the classes small size and Donna's excellent teaching.
Sam is with us for evening yoga and as always, an amazing class is in store for all- begginners and experts alike. Sam and us would like to thank everyone who pitched in to purchase insurance for Sam's cafe classes and would like to remind students with Jillian's Monday night classes that she is also accepting donations for her own insurance purchase. Thanks!

Thursday, April 16, 7PM
A very special Open-Mic poetry is happening tonight with our very first guest reader. Awilda Castro-Suarez is an amazing poet, writer and journalist whose Puerto Rican roots bring flavor and realism to her words. Please join us in welcoming Awilda as one of the events for the Berks Bards, National Poetry Month celebration.

Friday, April 17
We wanted to congratulate Century 21's Terry Ayers who was selected from our "Business Card Toss". She is receiving a free coffee and breakfast sandwhich and the offer begins fresh on Monday for your to throw your card in for a chance to have it drawn on Friday. Thanks for all those participating!
Cafe Gallery presents our very own Photography Art exhibit with the amazing Reception happening at 6PM with live music and all of the presenting artists in house. We are showcasing the work of over 10 photographers so it should be a hoppin' exhibit which will be on display the entire weekend. All art is for sale and feel free to pop in and hit up Cappi Hour and meet an artist or two. Interested artists for future shows can email
Steve Walker is in the house jamming with his locally flavored folk jams. Steve is a fun guy to listen too and his songs talk about Barto and Bird Feeders and anything else you can think of. And art is in the house so why not linger?

Saturday, April 18, ALL DAY
So Saturday is an intense "Coming out of Hibernation" celebration sponsored by the BBB and hosted by businesses up and down Philadelphia Ave. We have a bunch of events happening all day so please read along...
11AM-3PM- Chili cookoff is here with over 10 chili experts having there chili on hand for tasting and voting.
1-3PM- The Table Tops are playing on the porch which should be a great time for all involved listening to great live music.
3-5PM- Miss Balloon Heart is back for the kids doing her entertaining balloon heart for kids of all ages.
7-10PM- Carriage Rides are happening thanks to Joe Trotter Carriage Company. Plenty of 20 minute slots are open so try it out.
7-9PM- Our own Mike Holliday is performing playing amazingly soulful original music
9-11PM- Rounding out the evening is Boyertown's most international musician- Dave Antonio- playing a wide array of instruments. Great Evening!

Sunday, April 19, 3-5PM
Last but not least on this amazing week is Franki Alazar who packed the house last month. Franki is an amazing solo acoustic act and you can hear her online at

So much so give a few of these events a try and let us know what you think.
Be blessed and enjoy life!
Mr. Bean

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The week is yet young

Dear Friends-
I know it is Tuesday night and the blog is still last week's news. I apologize for the delay and ask for your patience. By the way, it snowed today...craziness. I was just distracting you from my failures so please read ahead to the rest of this week's action. Thanks for your continued friendship and support.

The Monday night Yoga class was cancelled due to the instructor being on vacation and we apologize for dropping the ball with letting yoga folks know about it. The class is on for next week and as always will be 7-8:30PM.

We did have chess tonight but we wanted to highlight an Antiques discussion happening next Tuesday, April 16th at 7PM. Specifically the discussion will be: Antique and Collectible Timepieces - Imre and Beatrice Szalai will focus on 19th Century American clocks. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 8th
Morning yoga class is happening. 10$ drop in fee per class. Smaller class that is perfect for beginners!
The Wed. evening Yoga class is continuing this week. As always, Sam is doing a great job or mixing things up and making an enjoyable class atmosphere. 2$ donation is welcome and please stay for a drink!

Thursday, April 9th, 7PM
Perspectives: "The Boyertown Farmer's Market vs. Extinction"
Please join us for an informative and problem/answer evening with Sharon Lee representing Farmer's Market that is preparing for this year's season of great local food and amazing family events all summer. This night will shed light on food and community issues with time during and after the presentation for q & a. Additionally, some amazing opportunities for good eating and community engagement will be presented. Don't miss this opportunity.

Friday, April 10th, 7-10PM
It is Good Friday and to celebrate we have a music Open mic event on tap for the whole evening. We have a great host in Mike Holliday and interested musicians are asked to show up before 7 to sign up for your slot. This is a great time so put it on your weekend schedule. Don't miss out on Cappi Hour from 5-7PM.

Sat, April 11th
The Kid's Time Yoga class is canceled due to holiday traveling BUT the "Sip and Spa" event provided by Diana Stigura is still on for Saturday morning. This is such a relaxing event with all sorts of calming and rejuvanating treatments with Diana walking you through the whole thing. It's free and worth it!
We have a full night of music on tap with O Rabbit opening up the night from 7-9. This band provides a lot of funk and was well recieved last time they played at the bean. Unfortunately, their myspace has been changed so I can't lead you to their rabbit trail on the web.
Following them is Dave Antonio with his international flare- a whole arsenal of off the beaten track instruments from around the world and home town humor creating a fun atmosphere for all. You can't go wrong.

Sunday, April 12th, Easter
Enjoy this day with family and friends. We are closed all day on Sunday but we are back in action starting Monday. Once again, enjoy!

That's a wrap. Thanks for reading along. Please be aware that next week we have the Poetry open mic with a very special guest reader- Awilda Castro-Suarez, and the monthly Art Gallery featuring photography is also on the menu.

Another FYI is that we have a coloring activity for kids related to a huge international crisis situation in Columbia. The cutout coloring sheets are in the back of the cafe with a bunch of crayons and each cutout represents thousands of displaced persons in Columbia. The sheets will be collected and sent to Columbian officials to highlight international concern for the displaced victims. Thanks for your help.

thanks so much and enjoy your week
Much Love
Mr. Bean