Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Keeping a Fresh Brew

Summer is fading. College kids are starting the flight back...home/campus and high schoolers are realizing that the early wake up calls will be here shortly. The working adult world is either breathing a sigh of relief in this case or lamenting the loss of contact with their children (I hope for the latter). The fast pace of summer freedom is merging into the droning rhetoric of enlightenment. Good stuff- give me another cappuccino.
We at the Hard Bean are enjoying serving a wide range of folks who are coming out to enjoy each other and a sense of realized culture; we have a stream of culture here in Boyertown but ignorance can cultivate apathy. With increased vision, we intend to bring culture to the table over the coming months through various creative means and pursuits- plays, health, politics, education, community endeavors. For this week we are sticking to music which has been a pleasant constant for us but keep us in mind to share your voice and raise concern or celebrate something of worth.

Thursday, August 21 7-9PM
Chris Stakonis is sweet talking his way back on stage to a friendly and faithful following. Listen to what he has to say as representative of any Berk's county neighbor. He has a good heart and a steady smile and wants to sing about it.

Friday, August 22 7-11PM
Never question a gal with two first names. Valerie Nicole is joining us at the Bean for the first time and has promised to break up the masculine music monopoly. I can't tell you much because this is a first listening for me as well but after our brief phone convo I'm convinced she's a good kid.

Chris and Ryan know how to rock the house. They have promised to fill up the place with folks ready to sing along to old school Petty and Dead and fun originals. Chris caters our food and is emerging as a signature "house blend" of great music. Come out for a great night!

Saturday, August 23 8-11PM
Jazz is back. Will and Adam have been amazing their last two shows. What's most amazing is the eclectic mix of people who have showed up and been glued to their seats in amazement of this duo's talent. Maybe some dancing shoes will be laced this time, nonetheless, these guys know how to jazz up Boyertown.

Thanks again to all of our loyal supporters. Without you we would be underbrewed!

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