Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like...

December is fully upon us and it is a chilly reality. You gotta admit that illumined falling snow in a crisp, charcoal night is beautiful beyond words. Straight up cold is not always that pleasant especially when you have to warm up the car extra frozen moments and the engine and belts squeal in frigid pain. And hanging christmas lights ain't that fun with tingling fingers. All in all, winter is the season and warm drinks make things better.
Like you saw looming at the end of the blog last week, we have so much happening this week and I need to do that justice. And, we're off...

Tuesday, Tonight, 7-9PM
There is chess tonight after a couple week break so break away from the TV and enjoy the checkerboard.

Wednesday, Dec. 10, 7-8:15PM
We are like on week 13 of our original 4 week free intro class and that is totally thanks to Sam and all of the folks that have made Yoga a priority on wednesday nights. As usual, we are expecting a great, full class tommorrow and we are excited about the holiday party happening after the yoga class next week so consider bringing some healthy goodies for that.

Thursday, Dec. 11, 7-9PM
Jodi Corbett had a vision of seeing poetry bursting to life in Boyertown and that is becoming a reality with our third Open-Mic night happening this Thursday. Last time we quintupled (5X) the number of readers and if that happens again, gotta love exponential growth, we will have 5o some readers on Thursday which would be insane- literally. Come out and share and/or enjoy because "Poetry reveals that there is no empty space."

Friday, Dec. 12, 7-9 and then some PM
The Poets get their due on Thursday and the Musicians are up in arms and decided to do their own thing on Friday nights. So, every second Friday an open-mic is open to all starting at 7PM with sign-ups happening aforehand. This should be a great night of assorted genre and voice.

Saturday, Dec. 13, Afternoon
We're doing Christmas for kids on Saturday the Hard Bean way with crafts and games and a good chance to say hi to Mr. Clause who is real chum-chum with Mr. Bean. I think we rented some Elves for the day too which should be amusing. Bring the kids- or yourselves.

Music is good. We have five hours of live music happening on Saturday night and it should be good. From 6-8PM it is Leon and Scott and I have no idea what they bring to the melody table but I ain't scared. After that duo, Dave Antonio takes the stage and their is no one more entertaining and talented so everyone is in for a treat.
Carriage rides are also happening and even though it is fully booked some drop-outs might happen and at the very least Trotter allows pictures so bring a camera and a carrot.

Sunday, Dec. 14, 12-5PM
Two things are happening this special sunday noon. First off we have the Christmas bazaar which is bringing over 14 local vendors and crafters into the Bean to showcase their goods- crafts, jewelry, pottery, art, etc. Bring cash and a wish list because these are quality gifts.
Also, Tara Espinoza is in the house for her children's book signing so buy her book and she will sharpie it up.

Front Porch Church. Last week we talked about Race. Should we or can we be color blind and how does race fit into the church, our community and the world at large. It was a good discussion and I have no idea what we are discussing this week but some topic will emerge as paramount for somebody from our group and we will run with it. There is an open invite out their to porch it as we welcome any faith and persuasion to share your thoughts and insight concerning God and his creation. We mostly look at life from christian angles but we are blessed by our group's diversity and welcome all as people with value and worth.

That's a wrap. Once again we are looking forward to the Hard Bean's Christmas Eve's Eve community party on Tuesday, Dec. 23 so put that on the calendar- so much festivity funness happening that night you won't want to miss it.
I'm done.

Much Love,
Mr. Bean

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Robert Martin said...

Sounds like a LOT of cool stuff going on there at the Hard Bean. Keep it up, folks! The Cafe is becoming THE place to be now