Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Here Goes

Sorry about that sputtering this morning. Here's life at the Bean starting with tonight.

Wednesday, Tonight 7-8PM
Sam says "continue" and that we shall. We are keeping up the offering of free Yoga classes every Wednesday with a neato change coming up next week. We will be proposing a drop-in fee (whatever you can afford and love to part with flow($) wise would be appreciated) with the proceeds going towards community service events initiated by the cafe. Your support would be welcome for sure.

Thursday, Oct. 3 7-9PM
No book discussion this night (The Jim Wallis- "God's Politics" study/convo will continue next week) but Carson and Tyler are back to give their melodical two cents concerning love and the like. The Table Tops are a lot of fun and a sure bet for anyone's Thursday night out.

Friday, Oct. 4 7-11PM
We got some newbies in town to share their talent with us. The night starts off with Yvonne Hartman and Band who have promised us a good time. I don't know much about this band but she sounded like a cool gal on the phone and for that I give her two thumbs up.
From 9-11 Zach Cambria and Mark Gettis will do their thing. Once again, I don't know much but I think these fellas are locals and we take any and all flavors. Enjoy Friday night on us!

Saturday, Oct. 5 1-3PM
"Monty the Traveling Cat" is a childrens book about a feline named Monty who knows how to get around town (traveling). I have not read this read but I hear it's a B-town best seller so bring in your kids for a classic story time and book signing with the author.
Back in the day when she first played at the Bean, I had no idea what Val Nicole's deal was. She said she had a guitar and keyboard and a voice but no one at the cafe was expecting her energy and quality of covers and originals. She did Norah and Avril and other lady singers as well as sharing her own lyrics and we are mutually excited to have her back.

Sunday, Oct. 6 till close at 8PM
Just a heads up that we have extended our Sunday hours till 8PM.

Much love folks. We appreciate your friendship and we look forward to the next few weeks as the sun goes north but the cafe stays right here. So enjoy our essence as your coffee house.
Mr. Bean


Robert Martin said...

Hey, Luke,

If everything goes according to plan, the wife and I will be dropping in briefly tonight to get some hot chocolate on our way out to do some star-gazing. Look forward to seeing you!

Luke Kasitz said...

Nice, I will be out of town but the girls will take care of you guys and there will be some neato musica for the evening. I will be stargazing down in WV.