Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chocolate Coffee Beans

Hey, I am so excited that mid-week I have more to add to the blog. We just got done a great night of up-dog yoga. You might ask, "What is up dog" and Dave Antonio would say, "Nothing much dog, what's up with you?" Regardless, let me tell you what's going on.

Halloween is here. More importantly, the day before Halloween is Thursday the 30th and from 7-9PM we are continuing our "Let's Talk Politics" Open Mic night. Come out and feel free to throw some items up on our Political Chit-Chat Wall made of tin and burlap.

Halloween is here and this Friday we are celebrating. After the TableTops rock the house from 8ish to 9 and a halfish, we will be showing a Frightening Film that will make you...order an ice-cold Frappacino!!! We will show at least one movie and hope to stay open late if folks want to hang out. Bring a friend and a costume, wear it, and enjoy the night.

Saturday night will be more of the same with music from 6-8 and a Funnilly Spoofed Film rounding out the night.

Sunday will be splendid as at 4PM we will show a kid's movie so round up the tribe and come on over to watch with your children or chat with friends.

Sunday night at 7:30 we will be starting what I would like to call- Front Porch Church. A bunch of us have been talking about our shared desire for spiritual and hopeful relationship that brings people and hearts together to heal, to share and to envision renewal. Their is an open format and open ended invitation to any seakers of hope and healing. Ask any questions and feel free to join us on Sunday night for a cup of joe and slice of life.

That is what we got. Fall is charming except for the past 2 and a half days but perserveer..."The sun'ill be out tommorrow"

Much Love
Mr. Bean

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