Monday, October 6, 2008

October Rhapsody

We are all children on a wide open plain. The fabled "Indian Summer" reminds us that magic still thrives in expectant hearts. For me, the heat of Autumn illuminates the first changing leaves of the Sugar Maple and encourages me to shed layers and distressed stress in favor of one more sun tan. I also look for hot tea and a threadbare flannel shirt to keep me warm among the shadows when you can literally taste the fresh air. Come on over to the cafe and we can share more images and word collages. Or swing over to the open mic Poetry Night next Thursday!!!
Autumn is here and to celebrate we are doing a little decorating and figuring out some logistics behind what we can do to ensure you feel good when you step accross the cafe threshold. This week we have the usual allottment of "goodness" so don't be shy- indulge!

Meat Balls tommorrow for school lunch!!!

Tuesday, Oct. 7 6-9PM
Chess is catching on a little bit as each week new faces mix with old and take to the board to battle logic and patience. There is a new checkerboard cafe table which is hoping to be occupied tommorrow night. Imra would be glad for some new pupils to coach through a game or two.

Wednesday, Oct. 8 7-8:15PM
Don't worry, we are not getting greedy. This week we will start collecting a drop-in donation that is going to be used to fund some community outreach programs we are starting up at the cafe. Yoga for me brings relaxment and a strength of mind that naturally flows into my outlook and committment to my friends and neighbors. Henceforth, I love old english and am excited that we could round up some dough to get good things done in B-town.

Thursday, Oct. 9 7-Sometime later than 7PM
Politics is also in the air these days as the elections are less than one month away. A handful of folks have been reading the book, "God's Politics" by Jim Wallis and the reading has led to some great, honest discussion about the role of true faith and righteousness in America today. Whether you have read the book or not, the discussion is free for all and engaging as there is so much to learn from our neighbors and their experience. Come out and share your mind.

Friday, Oct. 10 8-11PM
Another musical debut is upon us. Steve Walker has posted a bright yellow flyer on the community board that screams for attention. He seems like a wicked cool guy that is really into supporting the local music scene and that alone deserves a solid audience. It is Homecoming weekend for Boyertown- Go Team- but there is reason to cheer for the home team and then Stevo- all on the same night.

Saturday, Oct. 11 8-11PM
Mr. Dave Antonio. He is the man who faithfully grabs an espresso before teaching musica up the street at Bachman's. Dave is a good guy and so amazingly talented bringing us sounds we don't usually here in Boyertown- no, no yodeling or belch-harmonizing- just the sitar and some kind of deal that ends in "roo". Enjoy the near end of the weekend with us and Dave.

Once again, we are open till 8PM on Sundays as of yesterday which means you can start work or school with caffeine in your bloodstream.
Thanks again for your support and patronage. Continue to tell friends and compadres about us so that more folks can rock and roll at the Bean.

Much love
Mr. Bean

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Robert Martin said...

Hey, Luke!

If you click on my name on this comment, you get to my blog. My most recent post there is kind of continuing on our discussion of this morning and on my comments a couple of weeks ago. Feel free to share that post with the folks discussing God's politics. I don't claim to have any particular training or understanding of politics and such, but this post is probably a bit more of why I believe what I believe. I guess I'm kind of participating with that discussion via internet proxy. I welcome feedback! :-)