Monday, November 3, 2008

Much Ado about Something...

That something is coffee my friends and it is our aim at the cafe to make some "ado" about it. You see, there is good coffee and blah coffee, good friends and blah friends, good days and blah days, good sheep and blah sheep... You get my point. Here at the Hard Bean we are about doing things gooder than yesterday or usual and we hope that you enjoy that. And so, what we do besides coffee is whipped cream on the foam.

Tuesday, Nov. 4----Election Day-----
No excuses and no ifs,ands or butts. Get your butter cup to the voting booth and vote your conscious. Don't worry about wasted votes or political ties- vote for who you believe in and let America decide who is going to lead us.
If elections aren't exciting enough, we have chess on the menu from 6-9 so come our republicans and democrats and independents alike and duel on the checkered board.

Wednesday, Nov. 5, 7-8:15 PM
Yoga. I have said enough about this wonderful practice so today I will just say come out if you want to try yoga here at the Bean with Sam and I and a bunch of other friendly folks! Drop-in Donations are welcome and will be used in the community.

Friday, Nov. 7, 9-11 PM
Sean Moser is rocking the house this Friday night. I'm pretty sure Sean played here once before with Squid films but don't quote me on that. We will try to get some music in here early on Friday so stay tuned.

Saturday, Nov. 8, 8-11 PM
Saturdays are meant to relax and chill and drink to eachother's health. Dave Antonio is all about all of the above and wants to share his night with us- with you. He brings with him an elaborate assortment of instruments so come open to learn a thing or two.

Looking a head to somewhere over the rainbow. On Saturday, November 15th from 10-4 we are hosting a Community Bake sale that will benefit the Boyertown Multi-Service and their holiday feast giving opportunities this season. We have a sign up sheet here at the cafe to donate baked goods, anything, for that Saturday. If you have any questions stop in and see us or leave a note on the blog.

As always, we truly appreciate your patronage and friendship. We need your continued business and support to stay here in Boyertown and be a blessing.
as always
Much Love,
Mr. Bean


Robert Martin said...
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Robert Martin said...

I removed my original post because now there is actually SOMETHING there...

Interesting stuff happening. Still looking to find out with what happened with Front Porch Church.

Luke Kasitz said...

you are quick to the post my son. I feel your pain. I don't know if we deal with virtual coffee but I will look at the menu.
church was good last night. It was me and 2 other folks but we game planned for next week and just spoke our minds about our vision for next week and overall.
so, keep in touch