Monday, September 8, 2008

Front Porching It...

To Young and Old-
Our porch is always open. Many times we stay open way beyond closing time and have folks chilling outside past midnight drinking deep from fresh convo and friendship. This is what we love to see and we are committed to being an establishment that allows, enables and promotes this reality of community. We hope that you tag along and give us some ideas about how we can do better or do more or do more things better. We are also sticking with our usual community entrees and hope you indulge this week. On tap this week...

Student Lunch Specials
If you sport a valid High School ID you can show up and grab a great lunch for 3.50$ every school day. There is a rotating menu of hot sandwhiches tagteaming with a bag of chips and drink to inspire y'all to academic excellence.

Book Club
Just to let you know, we got a book club started with a first discussion night planned for Thursday, Sept. 18 at 7PM. We are looking at a book by Jim Wallis called "God's Politics- Why the Right is wrong and the Left doesn't get it" This is a book with a strong moral platform and should lead to some vibrant discussion about politics and how we can understand it and invest in it better on a local and national/foreign level. Check it...check it out.

Tuesday, Sept. 9 7-9PM
Imra is back to do chess. We had a light classload last week but the timer is set for round two of this chess extravaganza opportunity.

Wednesday, Sept. 10 7-8PM
If nothing else, you should come out and sample Sam's amazing soundtrack that he uses to tune us into the Yoga program. Coldplay and Pink Floyd and Jon Mayer are a few of my favorites! All in all the musica is a just a tool of relaxation and give me rhythm to bend and flex and balance and that is good. We have had full classes up till now but there is still room at the Bean for you.

Thursday, Sept. 11 7-9PM
Gracing the Back to School Party last Saturday, the Table Tops are here on short rest and ready to rock and roll. Tyler and Carson seem to be getting more and more comfortable and confident and that resonates with the crowd. This duo has great originals and knows how to get'er done.

Friday, Sept. 12 8-11PM
I can't wait to chill with Chris and Ryan again for open mic and a Boyertown jam session compliments of these amazingly talented and humble friends. Ryan is always nervous and ready to barf before playing so make sure he feels your support. Really, these guys ensure a fun night. Bill Malfaro might also be in town to help out with the open-mic so enjoy his old school persona.

Saturday, Sept. 13 8-11PM
When Dave is not playing or teaching music, he is drinking Espresso or talking about holistic health or being a kid again by playing with our resident register shark that some poor kid left here a while back. His first appearance a month ago was a lot of fun as he showcased a few instruments- sitar, didgeradoo and flute to name a few. He knows how to pull it all together and make it a fun night- he also sings in spanish which is beautiful to hear! Come on out and enjoy his musical hodgepodge.

So, it is.
Let me know if you read this. I have had no comments so far. Just wondering
much love
Mr. Bean

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Robert Martin said...

I'll tell you this much, it is complete torture walking by your establishment, smelling the brews, and not having the time or the few bucks in my pocket to feed my caffeine cravings. I hope to remedy this sometime soon.