Monday, November 17, 2008

Cut to the Chase

Peoples of the Boyertown Persuasion-
Sometimes I talk alot. Tonight is about facts.
Fact- so many people donated goods for the bake sale and we made mad amounts of dough ($) that is being passed along to the Boyertown Multi-Service- Thanks!
Fact- Me against myself did not show on Saturday night to play tunes and I'm upset- no Thanks!
Fact- A bunch of people showed up and read at our second Open Mic Poetry night- Thanks
Fact- We are excited about this weeks happenings- factually read ahead! Thanks

Tuesday, 6-9PM
We now have like four chess tables so no reservations needed just come over.

Wednesday, 7-8:15PM
We had like 25 persons show up for Yoga last night so we are reserving mat spaces on a "how cool you are" basis as to be determined by your yoga outfit- come dressed to impress and early!

Thursday, 7-9PM
Scrabble players unite! Kathleen's been running the table place your bets and bring your A-game.

Friday, 7:30-11:30PM
Music, Music, Music
Val Nicole is a goddess among lyrical mortals and Chris Deetz and company brings the rocking-rolling, rhytmic loving in that order. High Schoolers are socializing at the Harvest Ball but adults are chilling at the Bean.

Saturday, All Night BabyPM
Music, Magic and Madness
Music- First off we have some music happening starting at 7 with Ralph Ritter and Friends doing an open-mic getup setup of tunes. Then "Monument" takes the stage and they claim to be loud so bring your ear muffs.
Magic- Carriage Rides. Starting at 7PM romantic carriage rides will be originating from the Bean and a one-horse, slightly enclosed carriage will carry you accross town for 20 minutes for
5$ a person. And you got hot drinks and european desserts before and after- Magical! Reservations can be made starting now or personally at the cafe starting at 6PM.
Madness- I am turning 24 on Saturday and to celebrate we are throwing an open- community birthday bash. I think the Table Tops are going to do some b-day tunes and maybe some other friends will pitch in. Their will be games and hopefully a movie and a carriage ride for parents and I. If you don't know me, make a great first impression with an awesome present. Just Kidding. Come out to the Bean to be or not to be.

Sunday, 6-8PM
Tom Post is back at the Bean for an encore performance. I missed him the first time but I know he was very impressive so I will be there on Sunday.

Front Porch Church. No pastor or choir or shame-shame, tis-tis, thou not be holy-shmoly enough to be loved and to love. We, people/friends/neighbors have been getting together for a few weeks chatting about religion and vision and opposition and politicians and anticipation of next weeks get together. Generally, we talk alot about Jesus because he is a great example of pure love but we want people to know you can come as you are and put your life on the table. We close the cafe doors at 8 but the chit-chat goes late-r.

Friends, in the near future...
November 29th, Saturday- Holiday Open House Expo, rent a table or shop around
Jazz is back on this Saturday night from 9-11 and then some!!!
December 5th, Friday- Holiday House Tour is stopping here with 12 local artists presenting their brilliant works
December 11th, Thursday- Open Mic-Poetry
December 12th, Friday- Open Mic Music

It's all good in Baliwood
Much love friends
Mr. Bean

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