Monday, December 22, 2008

Humbug is for Huffies

There is no reason to pout and moan these days. Check that...I know first hand that many folks are struggling to believe in something this Christmas season and I would never sugar-plum fairy coat that real reality. And so, as friends and family and neighbors, we have the responsibility and the privilege to love on one another and shower eachother with blessing. We take that calling seriously here at the cafe and in that reality we are on the eve of Christmas and are excited to share cheer with the whole community. Enough said, here's what we got going on.

Tonight, 5-11PM
Christmas Eve's Eve Community Extravaganza. Be there or be square! I hope that is not an offensive expression and I wish no one to be square whatever that means. I have been harping about this thing for a while so feel oober invited to join us tonight.

Wednesday- We close at 6PM but I promise to be early and have our Yuletide Coffee blend brewed by 7AM

Thursday- Christmas Day- We are closed. Thanks

Friday, Dec. 26, 7-11PM
We got music all night. The Band "O Rabbit" is in the house from 7-9. I know these guys and gals are a comingling of ages and muiscal talent so it should be fun to tune in and hear them play. The Table Tops are rounding out the night. It's been a while since they played last at the Bean so come out to hear them rock the house.

Saturday, Dec. 27, 5-9PM and hopefully the rest of the night!
Rich Machamer will be doing his thing from 5-7. Basically he is a funny guy who loves to adapt songs of many genres and always has an intermittent story to tell. He will be here tonight as well but why not listen in on Saturday as well? Following him, Mr. Mike Holliday is back with us to lend his thoughtful voice. I bet he will mix in some holiday tunes and truely all of his music is very spirited.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas
From the Hard Bean team to you

Much Love
Mr. Bean


Anonymous said...

Where were the Table Tops on Friday? I wanted to see them but instead saw some other, way too loud band. :(

Mr. Bean said...

hey. The table tops were scheduled to play 9-11PM and there was a band that played before them and that's who you heard. The TT's should be playing this Friday night a 9 so come out and support them. sorry about that.
Mr. Bean