Monday, October 20, 2008

Critical Coffee Consumption Alert

Ladies and Gents-
A very much illegitamized news source has recently reported that drinking coffee, lots of it, will enable you to live past 100. They gave no scientific support or related test results but the Hard Bean is running with this critical report. So, come on in and sip to your health.

On a more sincere note, we have a lot going on this week. The cafe was totally energized by the Halloween parade on Saturday night and we wanna keep the groove going into the new year. Sorry about the lack of info last week- it shall not happen again.

School Lunches this week with appropiate adjectives.
Monday- Hungry Hippo Hot Dogs
Tuesday- Mama Mia's Meatballs
Wednesday- Succulent Spicy Chicken
Thursday- Burly Beef Stew
Friday- Samson's Sausage
Lunches include a sandwhich (when appropiate), bag of chips and drink for 3.71$

Tuesday, Oct. 21 6-9PM
Chess is in the house. Actually, we have a few chess boards around so feel free to come over and play whenever but this night we are blessed to have Imra spend time with chessite's instructing those who want to learn and playing with those who just want to play- good time!

Wednesday, Oct. 22 7-8:15PM
Yoga was cancelled last week because of a purse party so everyone is antsy to get back into the flow. Once again, we are accepting a drop-in donation that is going towards community outreach projects at the cafe. This class is great for beginners and experts so enjoy your time.

Thursday, Oct. 23 7-9PM
Okay, so most sane people don't bring up politics and religion- especially with folks who you know hold a different perspective. So, we are going to talk about politics tonight. The idea is to share vision, hope and counsel for our country and community in an open-mic setting. Our voices have everything to do with the upcoming election but also transcend it to acting as neighbors and citizens everyday. Bring a smile and listening mind.
Also, some ladies got together last week for a scrabble game and wanted to invite everyone out to share in the word formation fun. They were cut-throat but shook hands after the match. They will only be using political verbiage on Thursday so brush up on it.

Friday, Oct. 24 Night
We don't have any music yet planned so myself and helping barista will be singing behind the counter. Forreal, we will do our best to get a band in on Friday night so wish us luck. If anyone has a projector we could use please let us know- love to start doing movie nights and such.

Saturday, Oct. 25 Day
For the kids out there. During the day we will be providing pumpkins and paint to decorate and take home to proud family and friends. No carving will be involved to bring your kids and a change of clothes.
Night- 6-8PM
Mike Holliday joins us on Saturday night to warm up the melody inside. Mike has a great voice and his music makes for a real coffeehouse atmosphere. Come out and mellow out on a cold Autumn night.

This is what we got. A reminder that we are open till 8 on Sundays and we are always looking for performers and want to open up our cafe for parties and game nights and whatever you can think of. We also have booth space available for those entrepeneurs out there(they need to be good at spelling) so just let us know how we can acomodate. We are so grateful for your business and friendship so come on in and keep us company.

Much love,
Mr. Bean

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