Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chocolate Coffee Beans

Hey, I am so excited that mid-week I have more to add to the blog. We just got done a great night of up-dog yoga. You might ask, "What is up dog" and Dave Antonio would say, "Nothing much dog, what's up with you?" Regardless, let me tell you what's going on.

Halloween is here. More importantly, the day before Halloween is Thursday the 30th and from 7-9PM we are continuing our "Let's Talk Politics" Open Mic night. Come out and feel free to throw some items up on our Political Chit-Chat Wall made of tin and burlap.

Halloween is here and this Friday we are celebrating. After the TableTops rock the house from 8ish to 9 and a halfish, we will be showing a Frightening Film that will make you...order an ice-cold Frappacino!!! We will show at least one movie and hope to stay open late if folks want to hang out. Bring a friend and a costume, wear it, and enjoy the night.

Saturday night will be more of the same with music from 6-8 and a Funnilly Spoofed Film rounding out the night.

Sunday will be splendid as at 4PM we will show a kid's movie so round up the tribe and come on over to watch with your children or chat with friends.

Sunday night at 7:30 we will be starting what I would like to call- Front Porch Church. A bunch of us have been talking about our shared desire for spiritual and hopeful relationship that brings people and hearts together to heal, to share and to envision renewal. Their is an open format and open ended invitation to any seakers of hope and healing. Ask any questions and feel free to join us on Sunday night for a cup of joe and slice of life.

That is what we got. Fall is charming except for the past 2 and a half days but perserveer..."The sun'ill be out tommorrow"

Much Love
Mr. Bean

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bean Bag Facade

It is 9:11 on Monday night and I should be watching the Fillies whup up on the Rays who look more like angels than devils. I actually feel sad...bewildered...lost. Philly teams don't win- ever. They choke and that's how we know them to be. We take pride in our underserved commitment to teams of losers. Who does this team think it is to win it all and take away our true inner pride. That's how I feel at least- Duane thinks otherwise and it looks like the boys have it together this year- Go Team!
In terms of the Hard Bean team, we are winners supported by awesome fans who inspire us to keep on winning. We appreciate like none other you who come in before work, before school and before bed to spend minutes or moments in the cafe neck of the woods. We are trying to stay original and this is what we have going on this week.

Tuesday, Oct. 28, 6-9PM
No one officially showed up last week to challenge Imra in chess and that has to change this week- man up and show up!

Wednesday, Oct. 29, 7-8:15 PM
Yoga helps you get out of that non-Halloween sagging bod and spirit costume that many of us where. Sam is challenging us more and more but still makes it work for newbies so join in and remember we are accepting community benefiting drop-in donations.

Thursday, Oct. 30, 7-9ish PM
We did it. We talked about Politics last week for over 150 minutes. No blood, no sweat and no tears...wait, emotions did start to brew but we managed it well. At the end of the day, everyone present was so relieved to have talked as a community about our nation and locale and what this election means as well as the bigger picture- our shared lives today and tommorrow. We decided to keep it rolling and have the "Let's Talk Politics" Open-mic happen this week as well. Consider bringing a short (3-4 min) personal vision statement that you would like to share with the group at large. We are developing a Politics Post-it Wall at the cafe so bring any appropiate propoganda, info, pictures and...leave the propoganda at home maybe. Be there or be square!
Hint- scrabble is also happening so listen in while formulating words.

Friday, Oct. 31, 9-11PM
Halloween. We will have something for the kids so bring them in in their costumes. And for the young adults- Costume Twister. And for musica lovers- the Table Tops. These kids are spookishly amazing. I think they will where their high school rockers costume but their jamming is ever the same although getting better every time. Don't be a Halloweenie- spend Friday night out at the Bean.

Saturday, Nov. 1, 6-8PM
Mr. Tom Post is joining us for the first time at the Bean. As usual, I don't know much about this fella but he is obviously confident enough to sing in front of strangers and probably won't have a costume on so you will see the real deal. We are trying to snag someone for the late night so take a gamble on a new month and chill at our place.

So, that is that. Not a bad deal. I said it once, but yet again, you people of Boyertown and beyond rock. I would give you free drinks all the time if I could but in the long run you'd end up going back to Dunkin's and that's not cool. So, keep on coming and we will treat you well.

Much Love,
Mr. Bean

Monday, October 20, 2008

Critical Coffee Consumption Alert

Ladies and Gents-
A very much illegitamized news source has recently reported that drinking coffee, lots of it, will enable you to live past 100. They gave no scientific support or related test results but the Hard Bean is running with this critical report. So, come on in and sip to your health.

On a more sincere note, we have a lot going on this week. The cafe was totally energized by the Halloween parade on Saturday night and we wanna keep the groove going into the new year. Sorry about the lack of info last week- it shall not happen again.

School Lunches this week with appropiate adjectives.
Monday- Hungry Hippo Hot Dogs
Tuesday- Mama Mia's Meatballs
Wednesday- Succulent Spicy Chicken
Thursday- Burly Beef Stew
Friday- Samson's Sausage
Lunches include a sandwhich (when appropiate), bag of chips and drink for 3.71$

Tuesday, Oct. 21 6-9PM
Chess is in the house. Actually, we have a few chess boards around so feel free to come over and play whenever but this night we are blessed to have Imra spend time with chessite's instructing those who want to learn and playing with those who just want to play- good time!

Wednesday, Oct. 22 7-8:15PM
Yoga was cancelled last week because of a purse party so everyone is antsy to get back into the flow. Once again, we are accepting a drop-in donation that is going towards community outreach projects at the cafe. This class is great for beginners and experts so enjoy your time.

Thursday, Oct. 23 7-9PM
Okay, so most sane people don't bring up politics and religion- especially with folks who you know hold a different perspective. So, we are going to talk about politics tonight. The idea is to share vision, hope and counsel for our country and community in an open-mic setting. Our voices have everything to do with the upcoming election but also transcend it to acting as neighbors and citizens everyday. Bring a smile and listening mind.
Also, some ladies got together last week for a scrabble game and wanted to invite everyone out to share in the word formation fun. They were cut-throat but shook hands after the match. They will only be using political verbiage on Thursday so brush up on it.

Friday, Oct. 24 Night
We don't have any music yet planned so myself and helping barista will be singing behind the counter. Forreal, we will do our best to get a band in on Friday night so wish us luck. If anyone has a projector we could use please let us know- love to start doing movie nights and such.

Saturday, Oct. 25 Day
For the kids out there. During the day we will be providing pumpkins and paint to decorate and take home to proud family and friends. No carving will be involved to bring your kids and a change of clothes.
Night- 6-8PM
Mike Holliday joins us on Saturday night to warm up the melody inside. Mike has a great voice and his music makes for a real coffeehouse atmosphere. Come out and mellow out on a cold Autumn night.

This is what we got. A reminder that we are open till 8 on Sundays and we are always looking for performers and want to open up our cafe for parties and game nights and whatever you can think of. We also have booth space available for those entrepeneurs out there(they need to be good at spelling) so just let us know how we can acomodate. We are so grateful for your business and friendship so come on in and keep us company.

Much love,
Mr. Bean

Monday, October 6, 2008

October Rhapsody

We are all children on a wide open plain. The fabled "Indian Summer" reminds us that magic still thrives in expectant hearts. For me, the heat of Autumn illuminates the first changing leaves of the Sugar Maple and encourages me to shed layers and distressed stress in favor of one more sun tan. I also look for hot tea and a threadbare flannel shirt to keep me warm among the shadows when you can literally taste the fresh air. Come on over to the cafe and we can share more images and word collages. Or swing over to the open mic Poetry Night next Thursday!!!
Autumn is here and to celebrate we are doing a little decorating and figuring out some logistics behind what we can do to ensure you feel good when you step accross the cafe threshold. This week we have the usual allottment of "goodness" so don't be shy- indulge!

Meat Balls tommorrow for school lunch!!!

Tuesday, Oct. 7 6-9PM
Chess is catching on a little bit as each week new faces mix with old and take to the board to battle logic and patience. There is a new checkerboard cafe table which is hoping to be occupied tommorrow night. Imra would be glad for some new pupils to coach through a game or two.

Wednesday, Oct. 8 7-8:15PM
Don't worry, we are not getting greedy. This week we will start collecting a drop-in donation that is going to be used to fund some community outreach programs we are starting up at the cafe. Yoga for me brings relaxment and a strength of mind that naturally flows into my outlook and committment to my friends and neighbors. Henceforth, I love old english and am excited that we could round up some dough to get good things done in B-town.

Thursday, Oct. 9 7-Sometime later than 7PM
Politics is also in the air these days as the elections are less than one month away. A handful of folks have been reading the book, "God's Politics" by Jim Wallis and the reading has led to some great, honest discussion about the role of true faith and righteousness in America today. Whether you have read the book or not, the discussion is free for all and engaging as there is so much to learn from our neighbors and their experience. Come out and share your mind.

Friday, Oct. 10 8-11PM
Another musical debut is upon us. Steve Walker has posted a bright yellow flyer on the community board that screams for attention. He seems like a wicked cool guy that is really into supporting the local music scene and that alone deserves a solid audience. It is Homecoming weekend for Boyertown- Go Team- but there is reason to cheer for the home team and then Stevo- all on the same night.

Saturday, Oct. 11 8-11PM
Mr. Dave Antonio. He is the man who faithfully grabs an espresso before teaching musica up the street at Bachman's. Dave is a good guy and so amazingly talented bringing us sounds we don't usually here in Boyertown- no, no yodeling or belch-harmonizing- just the sitar and some kind of deal that ends in "roo". Enjoy the near end of the weekend with us and Dave.

Once again, we are open till 8PM on Sundays as of yesterday which means you can start work or school with caffeine in your bloodstream.
Thanks again for your support and patronage. Continue to tell friends and compadres about us so that more folks can rock and roll at the Bean.

Much love
Mr. Bean

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Here Goes

Sorry about that sputtering this morning. Here's life at the Bean starting with tonight.

Wednesday, Tonight 7-8PM
Sam says "continue" and that we shall. We are keeping up the offering of free Yoga classes every Wednesday with a neato change coming up next week. We will be proposing a drop-in fee (whatever you can afford and love to part with flow($) wise would be appreciated) with the proceeds going towards community service events initiated by the cafe. Your support would be welcome for sure.

Thursday, Oct. 3 7-9PM
No book discussion this night (The Jim Wallis- "God's Politics" study/convo will continue next week) but Carson and Tyler are back to give their melodical two cents concerning love and the like. The Table Tops are a lot of fun and a sure bet for anyone's Thursday night out.

Friday, Oct. 4 7-11PM
We got some newbies in town to share their talent with us. The night starts off with Yvonne Hartman and Band who have promised us a good time. I don't know much about this band but she sounded like a cool gal on the phone and for that I give her two thumbs up.
From 9-11 Zach Cambria and Mark Gettis will do their thing. Once again, I don't know much but I think these fellas are locals and we take any and all flavors. Enjoy Friday night on us!

Saturday, Oct. 5 1-3PM
"Monty the Traveling Cat" is a childrens book about a feline named Monty who knows how to get around town (traveling). I have not read this read but I hear it's a B-town best seller so bring in your kids for a classic story time and book signing with the author.
Back in the day when she first played at the Bean, I had no idea what Val Nicole's deal was. She said she had a guitar and keyboard and a voice but no one at the cafe was expecting her energy and quality of covers and originals. She did Norah and Avril and other lady singers as well as sharing her own lyrics and we are mutually excited to have her back.

Sunday, Oct. 6 till close at 8PM
Just a heads up that we have extended our Sunday hours till 8PM.

Much love folks. We appreciate your friendship and we look forward to the next few weeks as the sun goes north but the cafe stays right here. So enjoy our essence as your coffee house.
Mr. Bean

Delayed by...

Sorry about the absence of fresh news. I need some dayblog saving days to take me back to Sunday so that you can get info before its here. Regardless, we have the information now that ensures a genuinely cool...
sorry I gotta go to work. I will be back tonight to fill everyone in.
Mr. Bean