Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall

Love is in the air and it is not cheesy Valentine's Day shananigans- not sure about the spelling. Surely, romance and vitality is alive as the breeze gets cooler while the sun's brightness is much more appreciated. The cafe welcomes this change of season and promises to keep our brews fresh and warm.

So, after a great weekend with Boyertown which realized a fabulous Oktoberfest celebration, we are ready to keep the culture flowing. This week we have another full slate of activities and menu for the high school students. That first.

Our daily student lunch special includes a great sandwhich, bag of chips (they're Good) and drink all for 3 dollars and 71 cents (Federal Goodness Tax incl.) Amazing! For the rest of the week.
Tuesday- Coney Island Hot Dogs- not sure about that reference
Wednesday- Beef Stew
Thursday- Gravy Chicken
Friday- Sloppy Joes- Where a bib or art smock!

Tuesday, Sept. 23 6-9PM
Chess is in-house again. We have the board, pieces and teacher so just come out and enjoy.

Wednesday, Sept. 24 7-8PM
Yoga has been amazingly successful here at the Bean and we are continuing it for as long as Sam is limber and eager to teach. Really, we are blessed to have Sam volunteer his services and thanks to everyone who has been sharing in the exercises. We are on for Wed. night.

Thursday, Sept. 25 7-9PM
While some folks continue talking politics in the "God's Politics" book club meeting, Chris Stakonis will be side stage singing his usual mix of original chicago blues and country with Duke, our recycla-dog providing back up vocals. Who knows, Chris might join in the discussion with some melodical musings about taxes and vietnam so come whatever your political persuasion. In the book study, we will be covering the first 84 pages of Jim Wallis' book- "God's Politics- why the Right is wrong and the Left doesn't get it."

Friday, Sept. 26 7-11PM
Mickey will be joining us from 7-9 with a solid lineup of gritty and well-sung material. At this point, I don't know what genre he is but he is acoustic and plays the harmonica and I think he is irish- you come and find out and leave a comment if you know.
To round out the night, the boys are back- CD, Keener and Jason to rock and roll the night away. These guys have a faithful following and allow me to sit in on a Jack Johnson song which makes me happy. Really, you are in for a good time with no refund neccessary.

Saturday, Sept. 27 6-11PM
The days are getting darker and quick so Mike Holliday is sharing his "enlightening" muses a little sooner. From 6-8 Mike will be with us so come to listen intently to his great lyrics or just enjoy the background melody.
Rocket 88 will be in the rest of the night to do their thing. A mother of one of them was in today, shuh...don't tell the band this!, and she approves of the venue and is excited for the band to be at the Bean. They do southern rock so bring your pickup, cutoffs whiskey, tabacco and guns.

This is what we got. Thanks again so much for your business and friendship. We love seeing folks hanging out and catching up and enjoying our couches or front porch or cup of coffee. Come out and linger- we will take your money but prefer a convo and smile.
See you soon
The Bean


glamgrl62 said...

Hey, Bean, just fyi - "Cliff" Stackonis will be playing this Thursday night (his evil twin "Chris" can't carry a tune). BTW - lovin' the Hard Bean!

luke kasitz said...

I am horrible with names. Chris has corrected me so many times- he will forever be Chris in my mind so make it official. Forreal, sorry Cliff.

Anonymous said...

Get these guys in one Friday night!!

Robert Martin said...

Ahh... the cappuccino is as awesome as usual.

Hey, I see that the book discussion went on last night. It would be interesting to hear about some of what was discussed.

Luke Kasitz said...

About the book discussion-
1/2 of the crowd (four of us) didn't get much of the book read- no biggie! We had great background music thanks to Cliff Stakonis and had a great time talking through some real life political/moral issues. Like the book talks about, we had to get over the fact that we can and need to talk about politics and religion- together- and not be ashamed or scared to do so. Through the night we talked about hot topic items like abortion and war and came away realizing that we need to emphasize an accross the board celebration of life from conception to old age and that is where some politics runs aground. Most importantly we talked about individual responsibility to change communities through love, sacrifice and elbow grease- we not politicians.
That's a brief recap. We will be meeting up again in two Thursdays at 7PM
"God's Politics" by Jim Wallis

Robert Martin said...


I wonder if it could be a disconnect between secular government and faith-based belief structures. In my mind, they seem to be in conflict. Forgive me if I use a Christian context (as that is what I know, but I recognize there are folks that may come from other contexts).

From a Christian perspective, there is a sense of morality and values that is present that takes into consideration human beings as human beings across the spectrum, paying specific attention to the marginalized and "undesirable" people, giving specific grace and mercy to those groups (e.g., the poor, the alien, etc). Meanwhile, a secular government is involved with the specifics of running a specific country and has to focus on that country. This means, many times, that people not PART of that country are not given the same value as those that are.

So, while the faith-based perspective takes things from a more universal "community of humanity" view, political perspective is almost, by definition, exclusionary.

This does not resolve the questions about marginalized groups within that country (for some, this is the unborn, the undesirable, the poor, the elderley, etc). It is at that level that I think faith can more closely engage politics because then they are both working within the same interests, that being the good of the people within the country.

Just some thoughts for a Friday. Wish I could be there to engage in the discussions directly...