Monday, October 27, 2008

Bean Bag Facade

It is 9:11 on Monday night and I should be watching the Fillies whup up on the Rays who look more like angels than devils. I actually feel sad...bewildered...lost. Philly teams don't win- ever. They choke and that's how we know them to be. We take pride in our underserved commitment to teams of losers. Who does this team think it is to win it all and take away our true inner pride. That's how I feel at least- Duane thinks otherwise and it looks like the boys have it together this year- Go Team!
In terms of the Hard Bean team, we are winners supported by awesome fans who inspire us to keep on winning. We appreciate like none other you who come in before work, before school and before bed to spend minutes or moments in the cafe neck of the woods. We are trying to stay original and this is what we have going on this week.

Tuesday, Oct. 28, 6-9PM
No one officially showed up last week to challenge Imra in chess and that has to change this week- man up and show up!

Wednesday, Oct. 29, 7-8:15 PM
Yoga helps you get out of that non-Halloween sagging bod and spirit costume that many of us where. Sam is challenging us more and more but still makes it work for newbies so join in and remember we are accepting community benefiting drop-in donations.

Thursday, Oct. 30, 7-9ish PM
We did it. We talked about Politics last week for over 150 minutes. No blood, no sweat and no tears...wait, emotions did start to brew but we managed it well. At the end of the day, everyone present was so relieved to have talked as a community about our nation and locale and what this election means as well as the bigger picture- our shared lives today and tommorrow. We decided to keep it rolling and have the "Let's Talk Politics" Open-mic happen this week as well. Consider bringing a short (3-4 min) personal vision statement that you would like to share with the group at large. We are developing a Politics Post-it Wall at the cafe so bring any appropiate propoganda, info, pictures and...leave the propoganda at home maybe. Be there or be square!
Hint- scrabble is also happening so listen in while formulating words.

Friday, Oct. 31, 9-11PM
Halloween. We will have something for the kids so bring them in in their costumes. And for the young adults- Costume Twister. And for musica lovers- the Table Tops. These kids are spookishly amazing. I think they will where their high school rockers costume but their jamming is ever the same although getting better every time. Don't be a Halloweenie- spend Friday night out at the Bean.

Saturday, Nov. 1, 6-8PM
Mr. Tom Post is joining us for the first time at the Bean. As usual, I don't know much about this fella but he is obviously confident enough to sing in front of strangers and probably won't have a costume on so you will see the real deal. We are trying to snag someone for the late night so take a gamble on a new month and chill at our place.

So, that is that. Not a bad deal. I said it once, but yet again, you people of Boyertown and beyond rock. I would give you free drinks all the time if I could but in the long run you'd end up going back to Dunkin's and that's not cool. So, keep on coming and we will treat you well.

Much Love,
Mr. Bean

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