Sunday, September 14, 2008

No Longer Commentless!!!

Gents and Ladies-
NO, ladies must not always be first so deal with it! Especially a gent named Robert was semi-officially the first commenter on our blog and that brings joy to my heart- someone out there has found the blog and written a comment and it's only up from here. Speaking of up, there is a fantastic week of 70's weather on tap and that spells magic for our front porch and open door- no AC and no perspiration. Enough rambling- we have a lot to chat-a-tat-tat about so lets roll.

Tuesday, Sept. 16 6-9PM
Imra and his wife Bea come with books and magazines in hand as well as a beautiful chess set. Imra has taught for eons, okay, maybe less than that but still he has stories galore to pass the time if you really aren't down with learning the game. He would love to engage with some interested players and invest his time and experience in bettering your chess life.

Wednesday, Sept. 17 6:50ish to 8:05ish
We start early and usually hang out late with a great session of Yoga sandwhiched in between. Last week, Sam's flow was a little assaulted by cops giving tickets so don't park next door. This week is the last installment of our opening 4 week session and we promise to talk about what's next for Yoga at the Bean. Thanks Sam and participants for a great opening period.

Thursday, Sept. 18 7-9ish
"God's Politics" In God we many of us trust and our nation is still supposedly one nation under HIM. So what does he have to say about American politics at this juncture. Would he vote for Obama or McCain or maybe write in himself as our commander in chief. This book by Jim Wallis looks at our faith and basic values and elaborates more concerning what is right and wrong today- not republican or democrat platform spewing. This is our first try at an old-fashioned community book club that will culminate in a Let's talk Politics: Open Mic Night in October.

Friday, Sept. 19 7-11PM
I love thrift stores. Pit stains aside, you can't beat the price and the destined aspect of clothing your size and style. The Thrift is a band and I have no idea if they like used clothing. Come out and hear them play at 7.
I like mongese because they fight with cobras and win. Bill and Tony Malfaro and their buddy, Kyle, are the Mongese(plural for one mongoose) and they no how to rock and roll. They were the first band to play at the Bean and we support them. Kill those cobras fellas.

Saturday, Sept. 20 7-9:30PM and then some
This is a special day for Boyertown beer drinkers. Yes, Octoberfest which is happening a full 10 days from October but no one seems upset because the beer will flow And to cap off the drunken bash- just kidding, this is a cultural extravaganza about friendship and community not folly and sillyness- we are doing a Saturday night music wrap.
Ralph Ritter, B-towns underground music guru, will be sharing his stuff for a hot hour of passionate originals. As a followup, Squid Films will be back in town to share their original album of new music. These guys are feeling a fine future for their band and they are taking advantage of performing at the Bean to get into their groove.

A quick head's up- the Bean will be open till 8PM on Sunday's starting the first weekend in October so make that successful for us and round out your weekend with a cup of love. We are so happy to be brewing in Boyertown and are proud to provide a new Fair-trade coffee "Artist Blend" starting next weekend. We love this community, hate having to fight for parking spots and are committed to you. Thanks for your business and more importantly your friendship and encouragement.

Much Love
Mr. Bean


Robert Martin said...

I'm a famous blog-commentor? Who knew?

In any case, I'm intrigued by the book club thing this Thursday. I've entered my second year of seminary and, interestingly enough, that concept of God and country has come up. Not sure if I'll be able to make it out, but I'd be curious to hear more about those conversations.

And Fair-trade coffee? Wow! Excellent! Way to go! Thinking outside the "bucks".

alastair blake peters said...


s. m. said...

we look forward to playing!
-Squid Films

Jon Kasitz said...

Love what you guys are doing in ole B-town. Hopefully I'll get up there soon for some good cafe, convo and music. That book discussion sounds tintilatting as well. I think God would probably say that we're all obsessed with power and money, and have totally lost vision of what this country could be if it was really "under" Him. Maybe He'd turn us all into a big back of Cheese Puffs for screwing things up so badly. Hmmm... I like Cheese Puffs...