Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekly Community Specials

Friends and Family of Boyertown and Beyond-
We are following through with our committment to our community and to our customer/neighbors. There is almost a full slate of activities every night and a weekend full of music to round out this first week of school for our Boyertown district students. And so, we are so grateful to be hosting all of these events and we hope that many folks can enjoy them.

Tuesday, September 2 6-9 PM
Any chess players out there. Imra is in the house to teach us how to play the game with spirit and an old-school edge. Come out whatever your skill and interest level and just enjoy learning and gaming- we have a full house of other games from monopoly to jenga to puzzles so for the the non-chess crowd you still got a good reason to come- and the coffee!

Wednesday, September 3 7-8 PM
Yoga is Vinyastic again on Wednesday evening. Sam is a great instructor and his time and talent is well appreciated- he is offering this four week session for free and it was a lot of fun last week and I for one will be there tommorrow night. Come early to get relaxed and stay late for some healthy tea and snacks and convo.

Thursday, September 4 10:30-11:30 AM
Mothers, this is for you. Janine from the Boyertown Library is hosting her special Story Time for youngsters at the HardBean. There will be a few coffee related selections as well as a craft time to boot. We really want to reach out to moms with kids and create a place for you to come with your children and have them enjoy it as well. If this goes well on Thursday we will try to continue this!
7-9 PM
Chris Stakonis will be chilling with us for the evening and we are ready. He brings a crowd and his own original music and both are worth getting familiar with. So come on out.

Friday, September 5 8-10 PM
Taking Motion is a group comprised of a newly wed couple- Jeremy and Anna Simon. Jeremy is from the area and also just opened his own recording studio so up and coming musicians take notice. They both love eachother and enjoy jamming together. Make them feel at home on their first visit to the Bean.

Saturday, September 6 7-11 PM
We love the High School and are so excited that they are so close and filled with young, energetic friends- the future of our community and country. They are starting school today and we want to welcome them back with a special party featuring a few local bands and plenty of caffeine. Old folks are more then welcome to come and crash the party but keep in mind whose night this is.

This is what's on the menu and nothing is low-fat so indulge yourselves. Thanks once again for your committment to us.

Much Love,
The Hard Bean

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