Monday, November 10, 2008

November Notes

Dear Friends-
Monday brings with it a melody of reality- the reinstitution of work and school and a lingering smile from a weekend of play and relaxation- for some people! Monday's are quiet at the cafe in the morning but we look forward to more hustle and bustle as the week progresses. In light of that, we also have more happening during the week so let me elaborate.

Tuesday- 6-9PM
Chess is brewing as always. We got another chess table together so make the pieces move!

Wednesday- 7-8:15PM
Yoga is also alive and well and set into the life of the cafe. We are progressing and maintaining a large class size. We are accepting a drop-in donation so consider that and we would love for folks to hang out before or after enjoying healthy deserts and coffees/teas. For contemplation.

Thursday- 7-9PM
Tea is healthy, coffee can be black, every third Thursday, Open-mic Poetry is back.
I am so poetic it's not even funny.
Really, this night we are having our second open mic and we look forward to more readers. This is open to writers of poetry and prose so come a little early to hang out and get to know eachother.
Also, while some folks are reading words, others are creating them- Scrabble is being played tonight so come around for that spelling extravaganza!

Friday- 7-11PM
We have a full night of music this Friday night. Two house favorites are with us this night- Cliff Stakonis and The Table Tops and both groups bring with them original music and a great cast of friends and family. It will be a great night so enjoy their melodies.

Saturday- 10-4PM
Bake Sale. What else goes better with coffee than a freshly baked goodie? I could tell you a few things but I will resist so that you have to come out and linger at the cafe. We are still looking for donations so even if you can't come over and sign up, please drop off something Friday night or Saturday before 9 or 9:30. All proceeds go to the Boyertown Multi-Service.

A Philly area band, Me Against Myself, is in the house with us again performing their myspace renowned tunes. They got it going on some come around a bit.

Sunday- 5PM
Some folks came over last night and threw on the new Indiana Jones movie on the projector and we all had a good time so they wanted to invite everyone out to see an older Jones movie this Sunday. We got finger food and great deserts that go well with movies so enjoy friends and our comfy couches.

Front Porch church is in its third week. We have been spending time talking about random life, spiritual issues as well as taking time to get to know one another. This week we hope to dive into a Rob Bell, NOOMA video and relevant discussion. Our forming group is very diverse in belief and background so feel free to pop over and join in the fun.

This is what we got this week. We are looking forward to a few things that I will give a quick heads up

Nov. 22- My birthday and a full night of music/movies/games as well as our next Carriage Night
Nov. 29- Holiday Home Expo. Sign up for a table (12$) to display your sellable products.
Dec. 5- The BBB's Holiday House Tour is at the Bean with an amazing art gallery

Thanks so much,
Mr. Bean

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