Monday, November 24, 2008

Gosh, I'm So Thankful

Little Pilgrim Neighbors-
I was born on Thanksgiving Day, 1984, in a hospital and I don't remember much but it's all been up since then. The only thing I don't like about Thanksgiving is that their is no explosive fall foliage that just evokes emotion and passion- you get siloueted trees and clouds/rain/snow/fog/ice/combination thereof.
Enough rambling because I'm a rambler at heart. We have some good stuff happening this week and I don't want to hold it in any longer- I might burst but that could be the espresso too.

Tuesday will be rainy.

Wednesday will be stiff because Yoga class is canceled. The word on the street is that Sam is planning a Yoga party for a Wednesday night sometime before Christmas- keep posted.

Thursday will be Thanksgiving- enjoy. We are closed but you all have open doors and open hearts and open mouths at your respective homesteads.

Friday, Nov. 28, 7-11PM
Black Friday just gets better. After a long day of shopping or sleeping or recooperating or working you have a full night of profound music to endulge your senses. Starting off is a dude, Andrew Mann, who claims to play an "extreme variety of acoustic folk, blues and rock." I'm down!
After 9 CD and Friends (Ryan, Jason, teacher Stahl guy) takes over playing absolutely fun music before an adoring crowd of family and friends. They sing about love and toes and biscuits and I love these guys and you should too.

Saturday, Nov. 29, 12-5PM
Holiday Bazaar is not so bazaar as it makes itself out to be. Really, we have a refreshing assortment of presents from various craftspeople and vendors that could grace your tree this Christmas.
6ish-till Late
We have a lot of great musica happening this night and unfortunately we overbooked it so we are trying to figure out how to get stage time for Mike Holliday, the Slightest Chance, and the Jazz Dudes. Basically we have here a mix of acoustic ballads and raggae/folky/polkapunkadelic musing and straightup good jazz music and we are proud to have all of that inhouse on Saturday night. We will be open late so bring your blankies and get some espresso in your bloodstream.

Sunday, Nov. 30, 5-7PM
30 days in November, one to go until December, Rick Machamer is in the house, and the crowd is quiet as a mouse, not because his music stinks, but Turkey still anemically slinks, in bellies, minds and closing eyes, on this Sunday evening loose the ties.
Front Porch Church. What do you got to bring to the breathe out and inhale? We had an honest discussion last night about the "Kingdom of God" and what it's about and how we envision it as pieces of the Boyertown pie and the convo just flowed bringing to front colorful opinions and possibilities. This is what we are about. I honor you and you respect me and we talk about a wonderful God who loves to see us sipping coffee and contemplating our composite lives. Join us on Sunday night?

Last but not least- What's Brewing???
Dec. 5- The BBB's Holiday House Tour is stopping in at the Cafe for an exquisite art gallery featuring local artists, live String music and great beverages. It's culture baby!
Dec. 11- Poetry Open Mic
Dec. 12- Music Open Mic
Dec. 13- Santa's Christmas (with elves???) and Carriage Rides that night
Dec. 14- Christmas Market for being early's sake!

So much goodness I want to scream.
We are so Thankful to be a part of this Boyertown and beyond community and from the bottom of our hearts and mugs, we wish you a very happy time of feasting and fellowship with your loved ones.

God Bless
Mr. Bean

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cut to the Chase

Peoples of the Boyertown Persuasion-
Sometimes I talk alot. Tonight is about facts.
Fact- so many people donated goods for the bake sale and we made mad amounts of dough ($) that is being passed along to the Boyertown Multi-Service- Thanks!
Fact- Me against myself did not show on Saturday night to play tunes and I'm upset- no Thanks!
Fact- A bunch of people showed up and read at our second Open Mic Poetry night- Thanks
Fact- We are excited about this weeks happenings- factually read ahead! Thanks

Tuesday, 6-9PM
We now have like four chess tables so no reservations needed just come over.

Wednesday, 7-8:15PM
We had like 25 persons show up for Yoga last night so we are reserving mat spaces on a "how cool you are" basis as to be determined by your yoga outfit- come dressed to impress and early!

Thursday, 7-9PM
Scrabble players unite! Kathleen's been running the table place your bets and bring your A-game.

Friday, 7:30-11:30PM
Music, Music, Music
Val Nicole is a goddess among lyrical mortals and Chris Deetz and company brings the rocking-rolling, rhytmic loving in that order. High Schoolers are socializing at the Harvest Ball but adults are chilling at the Bean.

Saturday, All Night BabyPM
Music, Magic and Madness
Music- First off we have some music happening starting at 7 with Ralph Ritter and Friends doing an open-mic getup setup of tunes. Then "Monument" takes the stage and they claim to be loud so bring your ear muffs.
Magic- Carriage Rides. Starting at 7PM romantic carriage rides will be originating from the Bean and a one-horse, slightly enclosed carriage will carry you accross town for 20 minutes for
5$ a person. And you got hot drinks and european desserts before and after- Magical! Reservations can be made starting now or personally at the cafe starting at 6PM.
Madness- I am turning 24 on Saturday and to celebrate we are throwing an open- community birthday bash. I think the Table Tops are going to do some b-day tunes and maybe some other friends will pitch in. Their will be games and hopefully a movie and a carriage ride for parents and I. If you don't know me, make a great first impression with an awesome present. Just Kidding. Come out to the Bean to be or not to be.

Sunday, 6-8PM
Tom Post is back at the Bean for an encore performance. I missed him the first time but I know he was very impressive so I will be there on Sunday.

Front Porch Church. No pastor or choir or shame-shame, tis-tis, thou not be holy-shmoly enough to be loved and to love. We, people/friends/neighbors have been getting together for a few weeks chatting about religion and vision and opposition and politicians and anticipation of next weeks get together. Generally, we talk alot about Jesus because he is a great example of pure love but we want people to know you can come as you are and put your life on the table. We close the cafe doors at 8 but the chit-chat goes late-r.

Friends, in the near future...
November 29th, Saturday- Holiday Open House Expo, rent a table or shop around
Jazz is back on this Saturday night from 9-11 and then some!!!
December 5th, Friday- Holiday House Tour is stopping here with 12 local artists presenting their brilliant works
December 11th, Thursday- Open Mic-Poetry
December 12th, Friday- Open Mic Music

It's all good in Baliwood
Much love friends
Mr. Bean

Monday, November 10, 2008

November Notes

Dear Friends-
Monday brings with it a melody of reality- the reinstitution of work and school and a lingering smile from a weekend of play and relaxation- for some people! Monday's are quiet at the cafe in the morning but we look forward to more hustle and bustle as the week progresses. In light of that, we also have more happening during the week so let me elaborate.

Tuesday- 6-9PM
Chess is brewing as always. We got another chess table together so make the pieces move!

Wednesday- 7-8:15PM
Yoga is also alive and well and set into the life of the cafe. We are progressing and maintaining a large class size. We are accepting a drop-in donation so consider that and we would love for folks to hang out before or after enjoying healthy deserts and coffees/teas. For contemplation.

Thursday- 7-9PM
Tea is healthy, coffee can be black, every third Thursday, Open-mic Poetry is back.
I am so poetic it's not even funny.
Really, this night we are having our second open mic and we look forward to more readers. This is open to writers of poetry and prose so come a little early to hang out and get to know eachother.
Also, while some folks are reading words, others are creating them- Scrabble is being played tonight so come around for that spelling extravaganza!

Friday- 7-11PM
We have a full night of music this Friday night. Two house favorites are with us this night- Cliff Stakonis and The Table Tops and both groups bring with them original music and a great cast of friends and family. It will be a great night so enjoy their melodies.

Saturday- 10-4PM
Bake Sale. What else goes better with coffee than a freshly baked goodie? I could tell you a few things but I will resist so that you have to come out and linger at the cafe. We are still looking for donations so even if you can't come over and sign up, please drop off something Friday night or Saturday before 9 or 9:30. All proceeds go to the Boyertown Multi-Service.

A Philly area band, Me Against Myself, is in the house with us again performing their myspace renowned tunes. They got it going on some come around a bit.

Sunday- 5PM
Some folks came over last night and threw on the new Indiana Jones movie on the projector and we all had a good time so they wanted to invite everyone out to see an older Jones movie this Sunday. We got finger food and great deserts that go well with movies so enjoy friends and our comfy couches.

Front Porch church is in its third week. We have been spending time talking about random life, spiritual issues as well as taking time to get to know one another. This week we hope to dive into a Rob Bell, NOOMA video and relevant discussion. Our forming group is very diverse in belief and background so feel free to pop over and join in the fun.

This is what we got this week. We are looking forward to a few things that I will give a quick heads up

Nov. 22- My birthday and a full night of music/movies/games as well as our next Carriage Night
Nov. 29- Holiday Home Expo. Sign up for a table (12$) to display your sellable products.
Dec. 5- The BBB's Holiday House Tour is at the Bean with an amazing art gallery

Thanks so much,
Mr. Bean

Friday, November 7, 2008

Very Important News

We at the Hard Bean have a lot of stuff going on and we need your help in making these events a success. We so appreciate your friendship and support and we daily commit to do things better. Let me elaborate.

This Saturday night we are starting Community Carriage rides. A friendly gentlemen, Jacob Trotter, is bringing over his one horse open carriage to the cafe and is faciliating a 20 minute ride around town. The 18th century carriage seats around 4 people and tickets are available starting at 6PM with the first ride starting at 7PM. Tickets cost 15$ for adults and 5$ for kids. This is a fresh and cultured activity we are proud to bring to your attention.

Also, the following Thursday, Nov. 13, we are having our second Poetry Open Mic night starting up at 7PM.

Additionally, that Saturday, Nov. 15, 10AM-4PM, we are sponsoring a Bake Sale that benefits the Boyertown Multi-Service and the Holiday Meal giving program. We are in need of neighbors to help our efforts and donate baked goods that should be dropped off on Friday night or Saturday before 9:30 AM.

Lastly, on the 29th, another Saturday, we are having a Open House Holiday Bazaar with tables rentable for 12$ to sell locally made crafts as well as Home Party goods. The Bazaar will be from 12-5PM and we look forward to promoting your small business.

Just an FYI- we do have two retail booths set up at the cafe.
Your Purse Connection is a designer purse boutique created by Lorraine Sargent. A seasonal blend of purses is in the store and you can check them out at

Missy B's Soy Scents is also in the house with an amazing selection of scented candles and accessories. Lories' website is

And most lastly of all, we are open a lot!. During the week we are open from 7-9 and on Fridays and Saturdays we stay open till 11PM with live music in the house and our Sunday hours are 9-8. If you want us to be open earlier during the week please let us know- just realize its my sleep on the rocks.
So, thanks so much
Much Love
Mr. Bean

Monday, November 3, 2008

Oops, Forgot

I totally forgot to remind everyone that we have a group of ladies getting together for scrabble and they want more to join in- if you have an extra game that would be ideal to bring it on that night.

Also, we had our first edition of Front Porch Church on Sunday night- we met in the "living room" instead of outside but the symbolism still lives. Once again, we are trying to get together people who are looking for fellowship and friendship and who would consider serving each other and the community. If you are interested in this feel free to give me a call at 484 941 2450 or pop a question on the blog.
Mr. Bean

Much Ado about Something...

That something is coffee my friends and it is our aim at the cafe to make some "ado" about it. You see, there is good coffee and blah coffee, good friends and blah friends, good days and blah days, good sheep and blah sheep... You get my point. Here at the Hard Bean we are about doing things gooder than yesterday or usual and we hope that you enjoy that. And so, what we do besides coffee is whipped cream on the foam.

Tuesday, Nov. 4----Election Day-----
No excuses and no ifs,ands or butts. Get your butter cup to the voting booth and vote your conscious. Don't worry about wasted votes or political ties- vote for who you believe in and let America decide who is going to lead us.
If elections aren't exciting enough, we have chess on the menu from 6-9 so come our republicans and democrats and independents alike and duel on the checkered board.

Wednesday, Nov. 5, 7-8:15 PM
Yoga. I have said enough about this wonderful practice so today I will just say come out if you want to try yoga here at the Bean with Sam and I and a bunch of other friendly folks! Drop-in Donations are welcome and will be used in the community.

Friday, Nov. 7, 9-11 PM
Sean Moser is rocking the house this Friday night. I'm pretty sure Sean played here once before with Squid films but don't quote me on that. We will try to get some music in here early on Friday so stay tuned.

Saturday, Nov. 8, 8-11 PM
Saturdays are meant to relax and chill and drink to eachother's health. Dave Antonio is all about all of the above and wants to share his night with us- with you. He brings with him an elaborate assortment of instruments so come open to learn a thing or two.

Looking a head to somewhere over the rainbow. On Saturday, November 15th from 10-4 we are hosting a Community Bake sale that will benefit the Boyertown Multi-Service and their holiday feast giving opportunities this season. We have a sign up sheet here at the cafe to donate baked goods, anything, for that Saturday. If you have any questions stop in and see us or leave a note on the blog.

As always, we truly appreciate your patronage and friendship. We need your continued business and support to stay here in Boyertown and be a blessing.
as always
Much Love,
Mr. Bean