Monday, March 30, 2009

March Winds Dry April Showers For May Flowers

Dear Friends-
It was a crazy evening yesterday with hail and tornado action and rain and wind and tieing it all together was an amazing quality of turbulent light and luminous, dynamic clouds. Quite beautiful to just enjoy it for what it was. Back to the cafe, it is Monday and whether you are ready or not, the sun is shining, the coffee's brewed and our 9-5's have just started. We have a lot going on this week and so much to look forward to as April unwinds and flourishes. Thanks for taking the time to take in the blog and if you want you can become a "Follower" to show how many folks care about the Bean and the Blog.

Monday, Mar. 30th, 7-8:30PM
Yoga, courtesy of our own Jillian Prout, is on for tonight and we are excited to offer this new class. We are asking for a 2$ donation AND for yoga participants to consider staying for a drink to benefit the cafe. Jillian is a great instructor and you will surely get a workout.

Tuesday, Mar. 31st, 7PM
First off...Our Support Group is kicking off its existence on Tuesday night with the first informal get-together. Our own, Ruthanne Olock is rounding up support and awareness about this opportunity for folks with disabilities and illnesses to come out and enjoy honest friendship and discussion and concern. These events will happen every last Tuesday of the month and will offer guest speakers and awareness topics as well as downtime for convo and relaxation.
Also, Imra is in the house offering CHESS tutoring so feel free to stop in and play a game or two.

Wednesday, April 1st
AM Yoga is off and running and the class is coming into its own as a smaller, more intimate class thanks to the personalized teaching of Donna O'Rourke. Drop-in cost is 10$ per class.
I was going to April Fools all of you by saying that Sam's class was cancelled for Wednesday night but there was enough fooling around last week so please know that the Class is ON for good on Wednesday nights. We are asking for a 2$ donation and please enjoy a drink as well.

Thursday, April 2nd
Miss Balloon Heart is a favorite with sword fighting boys and kitten loving girls and moms anxious to get out of the house and enjoy time out with friends and coffee. Last time we had 80 kids signed up and this place was hopping so please consider coming out with your kids.
BJ Moesher is a children's book author and is at the cafe promoting her new book, "Monty the Traveling Cat". There will be a book reading and signing so keep your kids around for this event.
SCRABBLE is also happening on Thursday night at 7PM. Mr. Bean won last week in a friendly Scrabble affair so come out to enjoy the word forming experience.

Friday, April 3rd, 7-11PM
Music is on the menu on Friday night after Cappi Hour winds down from 5-7PM. This night Valerie Nicole is back,, and she is playing fabulous music from her new album- "From the Heart" Val is a very talented up and coming musician performing a wide range of covers and a whole cd's worth of original music.
Opening for her is the band, My Last Day, performing rock covers. You can find them at This is there first time at the Bean so please welcome them.

Saturday, April 4th
Kid's Time Yoga is here for it's second week. This is an amazing opportunity for kids ages 4 and up to enjoy a yoga exercise mixed with music, dance and other activities. Renee Sherkne is charging 6$ per child and promises to engage your child and develope healthy, little bodies and minds.
Another fullnight of music is happening with The Table Tops back in action at the cafe. Tyler and Carson are an amazing duo performing cover material including Weezer and older rock and beautiful original songs. You can check them out at
Opening for these guys is Gary under the fun name of Inky Diver. Gary labels himself as an acoustic musician playing all original material. It will be a great night.

Sunday, April 5th, 7:30PM
Front Porch Church is meeting up tonight for a Rob Bellavision session and we are going to give the film "Trees" another go as the projector was not functioning last time. This event is open to any and all and is a time for honest and safe conversation about God and community and a life that we are trying to make better and more complete.

That's what we got. A quick shout out that in the coming weeks we have music and poetry open mics and a Farmer's Market Perspectives event and the third weekend Art Gallery along with our collaged participation in Boyertown's "Coming out of Hibernation" event.

Much love,
Mr. Bean

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yoga is NOT cancelled- It's ON!!!!

Dear Friends
This is all craziness on our end so sorry but...
the class is on for this evening. Please if you are a regular consider bringing a donation for Sam to purchase liability insurance for a year- 5-10$ per person would be fabulous.
thanks so much
Mr. Bean

Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness- the real kind!

Dear Neighbors-
Something about March just doesn't flow right. Maybe its the ides or the hidden pots of gold over the imaginary rainbow or searching over acres of grass for a four leave clover. I'm not Irish and I wish I was Italian because Italians always marry the Irish and have similiar looking national flags so they share Guiness and Peroni and stories of potato pasta parmagiana. I'm rambling and what's important is that this blog needs to make sense because now we have 6 followers and this is a big week here at the Bean. Here goes...

Yoga was cancelled this evening but it is definately on for next week. Your patience is key as we sort through issues with liability and insurance details concerning wellness events here at the cafe.

Tuesday Mar. 24 7PM
Speaking of Wellness, no one showed up last week for the Wellness Expo but that's okay. Chess is in house and Imra has some kids that are really excited about learning the game and you should feel welcomed to come out and join the strategy.

Wednesday Mar. 25
Our AM yoga class is ON and going well with more students of the amazing Donna O'Rourke. Please feel welcomed to attend and know that you will recieve top notch training with relaxed atmosphere.
No idea what's happening with this weeks PM class due to liability concerns- yeah, the legal nuts and bolts that curb community. We will send out a notification on Wednesday morning and feel free to call the cafe at 610 367 1788 to find the verdict. Your patience here is appreciated.

Thursday Mar. 26 7PM
"Political Perspectives" is back with our March Town Hall meeting. Last month we had our very own State rep, David Kessler, with us discussing his current local endeavors and issues close to heart and home. The focus for Thursdays meeting is for further conversation regarding the status and opportunities for local community action and political involvement. Please, please, please feel welcomed and urged to attend so that we can game plan and stimulate a healthy political/cultural atmosphere close to home.

Friday Mar. 27 6-11PM
Music, music, music and Cappi Hour to kick it off from 5-7. But enjoying your half price cappucinos is just the beginning. Please stay and enjoy the lyrics and melodies all night. From 6-8 Lee Smedley is at the Bean and will be performing his original music and other stories in song with Henry Patterson on drums and Pat Abel on bass. This is great and you can check him out at
And then it's all about Tim Harakal from 8-11. I've head Tim jam twice now and this is his second time at the cafe. Think Jason Mraz but maybe better because you really can't beat his amazing voice and guitar hero skills and fun lyrics. You can decide for yourself by checking him out at but don't miss out. Wear your favorite hat on Friday night!

Saturday Mar. 28
Kid's Time Yoga is back at the Bean for another go. A bunch of parents brought excited kids out for a yoga/dance/singalong activity time provided by Renee Sherkne. We are trying it again and will provide these classes for children ages 5-11 for 6$ per class which is quite a steal. So, feel invited to bring in your kids and enjoy a drink.
Saturday night is also all about the music. First off is Mike Matz who is a newcomer to our house and I'm not too familiar with his music so we will all be up for a surprise. He's on for a quick one hour set and I'm sure he will stick around for...
Rocket 88 is rocking the night away to a sure full house and hopefully some dancing will happen along with hand clapping and heel clicking. These young guys from Oaks will blow you away with their refined talent and fun style. They do old rock with originals that sound like their 40 years golden. I'm not sure if their myspace does them justice but you can check them out at Most of all don't miss these fella's or else you will feel so sorry.

Sunday Mar. 29
For those of you who don't know what a drum circle is...we are having a drum circle led by Dave Antonio here at the Bean. Enough said. Really though, Dave is bringing a bunch of hand drums and we will just start a beat and see where it goes. It's good solid fun and really get's deep into the soul to feel the rhythm (spelling?)
Front Porch Church is still hanging out inside and the conversation has been riveting and all over the place. We are a diverse, spiritual group that is seeking a deeper relationship with God and intimate friendships with each other and the community. Anyone is welcome and you are asked to bring an open heart and respect for all those willing to share their views and experiences.

Just a quick shout out that next week we are kicking off the Support Group which will be the last Tuesday of every month. These events are especially for friends with disabilities and illnesses and life long battles. The idea is to come together and share your joys and struggles with others who know what it means to struggle and to perserveer. We are committing to this group and hope you will consider coming out and sharing this opportunity with your friends and family who might benefit from it.

That's all we got. You are a blessing.
Live and love well
Mr. Bean

Monday, March 16, 2009

Irish persons drink Tea!

Most folks are seeing green this week and hopefully that means more than green felt hats and artifically colored beer and cupcakes. There is so much out there that is truely green- the grass is greening up and money is green- sort of- and green eyes are to be adored- Yes, Coldplay knows what's up. Enough musing, because we're not really doing too much to celebrate St. Patties day except for our Irish Buttercream coffee offerings. We do have an exciting, busy week on tap so here goes.

Tonight, March 16, Cancellation
Yoga is cancelled for this evening. Please stay tuned for next week! Sorry.

Tuesday, March 17, 7PM St. Pattie's Day!!!
Along with Chess which is using the green checkerbords Tuesday night, there is a Wellness Expo happening from 7-8PM here at the cafe bringing to conversation many aspects of daily health- both the problems and the solutions.

Wednesday, March 18
AM Yoga is still happening for those folks with freed up mornings to exercise and relax. This is still a small class so don't feel shy about giving Yoga a try.
Our veteran instructor, Sam, put folks to work last week as it was a unusually small class. He is great at engaging the present class and changing up the dynamics and intensity of the class so once again, feel invited to give Yoga a try and know that this is an amazing workout.

Thursday, March 19, 7PM
"Perspectives" Food for the Hungry
Our local electric meter reader, Dan Endy, is spending the night with folks discussing his involvement and passion for the Food for the Hungry organization,, that is doing magnficent advocacy and community development work globally. These events are meant to inform and invite "team" efforts to engage our local and global community so please, please, please consider attending and supporting one of your own who is investing time and energy with Food for the Hungry.

Friday, March 20
"Cafe Gallery"- March Art Show Reception
We are so excited to be having our own inhouse gallery featuring the work of 5 local artists presenting their photography, paintings and 3-d work. The back of the cafe is transformed for the weekend into a beautifully composed exhibit and from 6-8 we offer live music and the presenting artists to mingle and chat. All art is for sale and all culture is complimentary. You can make an artsy night of it by heading up town to Studio B to check out the Natural Talents exhibit opening there on Friday night as well- Studio B's Blog is linked on ours...

The Table Tops are doing there thing late night here at the cafe although they might start a little sooner. You can find these fellas online at me when I say these guys are very talented and humble and will surprise you with there fun Weezer covers and beautifully composed originals.

Saturday, March 21, 6-11PM
We are very excited about the music happenings this Saturday night. Mr. Tom Post is back in town with his rich acoustic tunes in tow. You can navigate to his website at to get a feel for what he has to offer and make sure you swing through early to partake of Cappi Hour with great music as well.
From 8-11 we have the Mongese with us. These guys are fabulous offering a full band playing old school jams by folks like the Almond Brothers and...much more. Included in the mix are some sweet originals and good jam time as well. You will not be dissappointed so come out to enjoy the music.

Sunday, March 22
We have music on Sunday afternoon. Miss Franki Alazar is playing and has invited many friends to enjoy their company but she would greatly appreciate your attendance as well. You can find her tunes at Enjoy!
Front Porch Church might make it outside as we don't have to deal with the projector. We are chatting about the Bible on Sunday night and how people interact with it. We have a lot to talk about it and are a very diverse group so I'm sure the convo will be fresh and feisty so feel free to join us.

Just a quick shout out for next week
"Political Perspectives" is meeting up again to discuss real topics with real neighbors for local change. Please consider attending
Rocket 88 is at the cafe from 8-11. enough said

Much Love
Mr. Bean

Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Doors are Open!

Neighbors from Boyertown, Bechtelsville, Barto, Bally, Gilbertsville, Oley(BBBBGO) and beyond

The love of coffee and culture knows know civic bounds so please feel included in the Building a Better Boyertown rhetoric! We are proud of B-town and excited to be smack-dab on main street doing our part to relax the weekday stresses and liven up those mellow wk-ends. Please come out and enjoy what we have to offer with events and atmosphere and Cappi Hour every Friday and Saturday from 5-7PM. Here's what's on board...

Today, March 9, 7-8:30PM
Jillian Prout is volunteering her time and energy to faciliate an intense yoga class on Monday nights. I've heard she gets the sweat flowing so come ready to get a work out and please remember we are accepting a 2$ donation for the class and a coffee coupon is included.

Tuesday, March 10, 7-9PM
Chess club is in house for the evening with Imra ready to spread light on the tactics of the game

Wednesday, March 11
The morning yoga class is continuing. If you have stayed away as of now please consider coming out to ensure that this class stays in session. This is a more personalized class that is great for mother's and ladies with flexible AM schedules.
Sam is the man and continues to lead an amazing evening class that fills up quick. Please come early to claim a spot on the freshly mopped floor and remember a 2$ donation is appreciated.

Thursday, March 12, 7-8:30PM
On Thursday nights we literally get literary. This month's poetry Open Mic led by our own Jodi Corbett is welcoming literature of the Celtic origin as we are getting close to St. Pattie's day. BUT, please be encouraged to share any sort of work and know that your words will be appreciated and taken to heart. Another related opportunity is the "Lit Table" that will be the "destination" to put your work- a single page or so- under class for folks to assess.

Friday, March 13, 7-10PM
Our Music Open-Mic is growing in popularity and musical excellence. We are extending the hours to faciliate more musician time but do come a bit early to get on the nightly schedule. And remember that we are always looking for new musicians to provide tunage every Friday and Saturday night so interested folks can email

Saturday, March 14, 7-9PM
Troy Rauenzahn is back after a short week's rest. This guy is a poet and plays the hand drums like a crazy man (in a good way) and plays a wide range of rock covers from the obscure to the well known Oasis hits and not to forget his own originals on his upcoming album- Chewing on Marbles. Yum!

Sunday, March 15, 7:30-9PM
Front Porch Church was almost out doors last night as the weather was almost there and the cafe was hopping with record Sunday evening attendance. This week we are showing the Rob Bell Film "Trees" which thoughtfully talks about life- timelines and meaning with the big picture in mind. We are a diverse group of friends who love sharing our heart and thoughts and welcome new comers to come as you are!

That is a wrap. A quick reminder that we have soo, soo much stuff happening here and are always open to new things. Our weekend Art Gallery is happening next week along with the Perspectives event- Food for the Hungry- and the Political Perspectives table-talks is in two weeks.

You are special and welcome here at the cafe
Be Blessed and love well
Mr. Bean

Monday, March 2, 2009

And So it Snows?

Its pretty ragged outside. No doubt the snow is beautiful but I think it's now a lopsided appreciation or disgust for this current event with the public school children not minding and the commuting adults grumbling all the way to work. I guess you gotta say, "It's all good, baby" and do your thing so if a cup of coffee can help to that regards- stop on in.

Monday, Mar. 2nd, 7-8PM
We are trying to pull off a yoga class this evening with Jillian Prout instructing this class. We are waiting on the weather and also some insurance issues so assume there is a class and if you want to make sure feel free to call ahead and get the final verdict- 610 367 1788- best to call this afternoon! 2$ Donation!

Tuesday, Mar. 3rd, 7-9PM
Imra had a few chess pupils last week and is excited so if you are game for some chess action feel invited to come on out for the evening.

Wednesday, Mar. 4th
9:30- 10:45AM
Donna is trucking along with her morning yoga class so as always you are welcome to attend. I'm not sure if she is still in the introductory period or a class by class situation so come out regardless to give it a try.
Sam is here on Wednesday night class featuring Vinyasa style yoga and it is a pleasure to attend. This is a 2$ donation class so come ready for that and remember to come a little early as the place fills up quick.

Thursday, Mar. 5th
Miss Balloon Heart is joining us this Thursday morning to entertain your kids with fun balloon creations. This is perfect for kids of all ages and for moms to enjoy some convo and coffee.

Scrabble will be happening on Thursday night around 7PM. enjoy!

Friday, Mar. 6th, 7-11PM
We got a full night of music happening this evening with two of our bands performing two hour sets. First off is Cliff Stackonis doing his country blues routine. Cliff plays here once a month and also helps with our growing Open-Mic event so enjoy his tunage.
Doing the night cap are the Table Tops who are a great duo-acoustic act featuring a wide range of cover material and some amazing original songs. Tyler and Carson have been MIA for a month so please welcome them back.

Saturday, Mar. 7th, 7PM
Troy Rauenzahn is back with us doing great acoustic covers of 90's rock and then some. We will be booking some music for the rest of the evening but enjoy Troy's tunes at the beginning of the night and Cappi Hour should get the ball rolling.

Sunday, Mar. 8th, 7:30PM
Front Porch Church is on for the night with a discussion about the Sabbath and how folks view the "day of rest" and observe/enjoy it. We meet weekly for coffee and convo and invite anyone to join us- we promise to appreciate and understand point of views and experiences and are excited to be a part of the Boyertown community.

A quick head's up about our first Support Group meeting to be held on Tuesday, March 28th at 7PM. This is a get-together for neighbors with disabilities and health concerns and their family and friends and the format will develop as the group grows with down time, discussion and guest speakers/focuses in the mix.

That's a wrap for this week so as always thanks for your continued support and friendship. We are open for suggestions and encouragement and as always please continue to tell friends about us as word of mouth makes the world go round.
Much Love
Mr. Bean