Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We've Got it Going on Folks!

Ladies and Gents-

This week is filled to the brim with lyrics and movement and of course liquid enjoyment. As usual, the music is happening all weekend but their is a new surprise and even more goodness starting up next week. This cool weather is perking up sundrained coffee lovers as we look forward to a fun fall. Here's what's on the menu...

TONIGHT, Wednesday, Aug 27 7-8PM
Vinyasa Yoga is making an elastic grand entrance into Hard Bean culture. Sam Comeriato from Final Results is teaching a set of free classes that will stretch us into September. Bring a mat or a towel and your stressed bodies and let it all go. Any level is welcome and just give it a shot!

Thursday, Aug 28 7-9PM
Tyler and Carson were the first musicians who offered their talents to the Bean and they have yet to dissappoint. Every other Thursday they spend the evening rocking with family and friends filling the cafe. They got a strong voice and personality creating a pleasant musical blend.

Friday, Aug 29 8-11PM
Squid Films is back to do music: no motion pictures yet although that is in the mix for these guys. This is an encore performance for this group from Temple and they ready to turn some heads with their unique abilities.
Open Mic. Bill Malfaro is getting an eclectic mix of musicans to share their talent on the Bean's common grounds. You never know who will show up light up the house. The Malfaro's like the old stuff but come who you are and jam a little.

Saturday, Aug 30 7-11PM
We got another twosome on this last Saturday in August. Mike Holliday starts off the night at 7 and as always has a lot to say. You might think alike or differently and his music caters to artful discussion.
Matt Bailey showed up last week and is now hitting the stage to play an assorted mix of covers. He's got the floor so all you got to do is show up and enjoy the evening.

We have so much stuff going on in September so keep posted and check out this blog as we go. I was late this week and I apologize for that. Remember that we welcome your advice and your talents.
Come on over and enjoy Boyertown's Front Porch.
much love

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