Monday, March 30, 2009

March Winds Dry April Showers For May Flowers

Dear Friends-
It was a crazy evening yesterday with hail and tornado action and rain and wind and tieing it all together was an amazing quality of turbulent light and luminous, dynamic clouds. Quite beautiful to just enjoy it for what it was. Back to the cafe, it is Monday and whether you are ready or not, the sun is shining, the coffee's brewed and our 9-5's have just started. We have a lot going on this week and so much to look forward to as April unwinds and flourishes. Thanks for taking the time to take in the blog and if you want you can become a "Follower" to show how many folks care about the Bean and the Blog.

Monday, Mar. 30th, 7-8:30PM
Yoga, courtesy of our own Jillian Prout, is on for tonight and we are excited to offer this new class. We are asking for a 2$ donation AND for yoga participants to consider staying for a drink to benefit the cafe. Jillian is a great instructor and you will surely get a workout.

Tuesday, Mar. 31st, 7PM
First off...Our Support Group is kicking off its existence on Tuesday night with the first informal get-together. Our own, Ruthanne Olock is rounding up support and awareness about this opportunity for folks with disabilities and illnesses to come out and enjoy honest friendship and discussion and concern. These events will happen every last Tuesday of the month and will offer guest speakers and awareness topics as well as downtime for convo and relaxation.
Also, Imra is in the house offering CHESS tutoring so feel free to stop in and play a game or two.

Wednesday, April 1st
AM Yoga is off and running and the class is coming into its own as a smaller, more intimate class thanks to the personalized teaching of Donna O'Rourke. Drop-in cost is 10$ per class.
I was going to April Fools all of you by saying that Sam's class was cancelled for Wednesday night but there was enough fooling around last week so please know that the Class is ON for good on Wednesday nights. We are asking for a 2$ donation and please enjoy a drink as well.

Thursday, April 2nd
Miss Balloon Heart is a favorite with sword fighting boys and kitten loving girls and moms anxious to get out of the house and enjoy time out with friends and coffee. Last time we had 80 kids signed up and this place was hopping so please consider coming out with your kids.
BJ Moesher is a children's book author and is at the cafe promoting her new book, "Monty the Traveling Cat". There will be a book reading and signing so keep your kids around for this event.
SCRABBLE is also happening on Thursday night at 7PM. Mr. Bean won last week in a friendly Scrabble affair so come out to enjoy the word forming experience.

Friday, April 3rd, 7-11PM
Music is on the menu on Friday night after Cappi Hour winds down from 5-7PM. This night Valerie Nicole is back,, and she is playing fabulous music from her new album- "From the Heart" Val is a very talented up and coming musician performing a wide range of covers and a whole cd's worth of original music.
Opening for her is the band, My Last Day, performing rock covers. You can find them at This is there first time at the Bean so please welcome them.

Saturday, April 4th
Kid's Time Yoga is here for it's second week. This is an amazing opportunity for kids ages 4 and up to enjoy a yoga exercise mixed with music, dance and other activities. Renee Sherkne is charging 6$ per child and promises to engage your child and develope healthy, little bodies and minds.
Another fullnight of music is happening with The Table Tops back in action at the cafe. Tyler and Carson are an amazing duo performing cover material including Weezer and older rock and beautiful original songs. You can check them out at
Opening for these guys is Gary under the fun name of Inky Diver. Gary labels himself as an acoustic musician playing all original material. It will be a great night.

Sunday, April 5th, 7:30PM
Front Porch Church is meeting up tonight for a Rob Bellavision session and we are going to give the film "Trees" another go as the projector was not functioning last time. This event is open to any and all and is a time for honest and safe conversation about God and community and a life that we are trying to make better and more complete.

That's what we got. A quick shout out that in the coming weeks we have music and poetry open mics and a Farmer's Market Perspectives event and the third weekend Art Gallery along with our collaged participation in Boyertown's "Coming out of Hibernation" event.

Much love,
Mr. Bean

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