Monday, March 16, 2009

Irish persons drink Tea!

Most folks are seeing green this week and hopefully that means more than green felt hats and artifically colored beer and cupcakes. There is so much out there that is truely green- the grass is greening up and money is green- sort of- and green eyes are to be adored- Yes, Coldplay knows what's up. Enough musing, because we're not really doing too much to celebrate St. Patties day except for our Irish Buttercream coffee offerings. We do have an exciting, busy week on tap so here goes.

Tonight, March 16, Cancellation
Yoga is cancelled for this evening. Please stay tuned for next week! Sorry.

Tuesday, March 17, 7PM St. Pattie's Day!!!
Along with Chess which is using the green checkerbords Tuesday night, there is a Wellness Expo happening from 7-8PM here at the cafe bringing to conversation many aspects of daily health- both the problems and the solutions.

Wednesday, March 18
AM Yoga is still happening for those folks with freed up mornings to exercise and relax. This is still a small class so don't feel shy about giving Yoga a try.
Our veteran instructor, Sam, put folks to work last week as it was a unusually small class. He is great at engaging the present class and changing up the dynamics and intensity of the class so once again, feel invited to give Yoga a try and know that this is an amazing workout.

Thursday, March 19, 7PM
"Perspectives" Food for the Hungry
Our local electric meter reader, Dan Endy, is spending the night with folks discussing his involvement and passion for the Food for the Hungry organization,, that is doing magnficent advocacy and community development work globally. These events are meant to inform and invite "team" efforts to engage our local and global community so please, please, please consider attending and supporting one of your own who is investing time and energy with Food for the Hungry.

Friday, March 20
"Cafe Gallery"- March Art Show Reception
We are so excited to be having our own inhouse gallery featuring the work of 5 local artists presenting their photography, paintings and 3-d work. The back of the cafe is transformed for the weekend into a beautifully composed exhibit and from 6-8 we offer live music and the presenting artists to mingle and chat. All art is for sale and all culture is complimentary. You can make an artsy night of it by heading up town to Studio B to check out the Natural Talents exhibit opening there on Friday night as well- Studio B's Blog is linked on ours...

The Table Tops are doing there thing late night here at the cafe although they might start a little sooner. You can find these fellas online at me when I say these guys are very talented and humble and will surprise you with there fun Weezer covers and beautifully composed originals.

Saturday, March 21, 6-11PM
We are very excited about the music happenings this Saturday night. Mr. Tom Post is back in town with his rich acoustic tunes in tow. You can navigate to his website at to get a feel for what he has to offer and make sure you swing through early to partake of Cappi Hour with great music as well.
From 8-11 we have the Mongese with us. These guys are fabulous offering a full band playing old school jams by folks like the Almond Brothers and...much more. Included in the mix are some sweet originals and good jam time as well. You will not be dissappointed so come out to enjoy the music.

Sunday, March 22
We have music on Sunday afternoon. Miss Franki Alazar is playing and has invited many friends to enjoy their company but she would greatly appreciate your attendance as well. You can find her tunes at Enjoy!
Front Porch Church might make it outside as we don't have to deal with the projector. We are chatting about the Bible on Sunday night and how people interact with it. We have a lot to talk about it and are a very diverse group so I'm sure the convo will be fresh and feisty so feel free to join us.

Just a quick shout out for next week
"Political Perspectives" is meeting up again to discuss real topics with real neighbors for local change. Please consider attending
Rocket 88 is at the cafe from 8-11. enough said

Much Love
Mr. Bean

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