Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness- the real kind!

Dear Neighbors-
Something about March just doesn't flow right. Maybe its the ides or the hidden pots of gold over the imaginary rainbow or searching over acres of grass for a four leave clover. I'm not Irish and I wish I was Italian because Italians always marry the Irish and have similiar looking national flags so they share Guiness and Peroni and stories of potato pasta parmagiana. I'm rambling and what's important is that this blog needs to make sense because now we have 6 followers and this is a big week here at the Bean. Here goes...

Yoga was cancelled this evening but it is definately on for next week. Your patience is key as we sort through issues with liability and insurance details concerning wellness events here at the cafe.

Tuesday Mar. 24 7PM
Speaking of Wellness, no one showed up last week for the Wellness Expo but that's okay. Chess is in house and Imra has some kids that are really excited about learning the game and you should feel welcomed to come out and join the strategy.

Wednesday Mar. 25
Our AM yoga class is ON and going well with more students of the amazing Donna O'Rourke. Please feel welcomed to attend and know that you will recieve top notch training with relaxed atmosphere.
No idea what's happening with this weeks PM class due to liability concerns- yeah, the legal nuts and bolts that curb community. We will send out a notification on Wednesday morning and feel free to call the cafe at 610 367 1788 to find the verdict. Your patience here is appreciated.

Thursday Mar. 26 7PM
"Political Perspectives" is back with our March Town Hall meeting. Last month we had our very own State rep, David Kessler, with us discussing his current local endeavors and issues close to heart and home. The focus for Thursdays meeting is for further conversation regarding the status and opportunities for local community action and political involvement. Please, please, please feel welcomed and urged to attend so that we can game plan and stimulate a healthy political/cultural atmosphere close to home.

Friday Mar. 27 6-11PM
Music, music, music and Cappi Hour to kick it off from 5-7. But enjoying your half price cappucinos is just the beginning. Please stay and enjoy the lyrics and melodies all night. From 6-8 Lee Smedley is at the Bean and will be performing his original music and other stories in song with Henry Patterson on drums and Pat Abel on bass. This is great and you can check him out at
And then it's all about Tim Harakal from 8-11. I've head Tim jam twice now and this is his second time at the cafe. Think Jason Mraz but maybe better because you really can't beat his amazing voice and guitar hero skills and fun lyrics. You can decide for yourself by checking him out at but don't miss out. Wear your favorite hat on Friday night!

Saturday Mar. 28
Kid's Time Yoga is back at the Bean for another go. A bunch of parents brought excited kids out for a yoga/dance/singalong activity time provided by Renee Sherkne. We are trying it again and will provide these classes for children ages 5-11 for 6$ per class which is quite a steal. So, feel invited to bring in your kids and enjoy a drink.
Saturday night is also all about the music. First off is Mike Matz who is a newcomer to our house and I'm not too familiar with his music so we will all be up for a surprise. He's on for a quick one hour set and I'm sure he will stick around for...
Rocket 88 is rocking the night away to a sure full house and hopefully some dancing will happen along with hand clapping and heel clicking. These young guys from Oaks will blow you away with their refined talent and fun style. They do old rock with originals that sound like their 40 years golden. I'm not sure if their myspace does them justice but you can check them out at Most of all don't miss these fella's or else you will feel so sorry.

Sunday Mar. 29
For those of you who don't know what a drum circle is...we are having a drum circle led by Dave Antonio here at the Bean. Enough said. Really though, Dave is bringing a bunch of hand drums and we will just start a beat and see where it goes. It's good solid fun and really get's deep into the soul to feel the rhythm (spelling?)
Front Porch Church is still hanging out inside and the conversation has been riveting and all over the place. We are a diverse, spiritual group that is seeking a deeper relationship with God and intimate friendships with each other and the community. Anyone is welcome and you are asked to bring an open heart and respect for all those willing to share their views and experiences.

Just a quick shout out that next week we are kicking off the Support Group which will be the last Tuesday of every month. These events are especially for friends with disabilities and illnesses and life long battles. The idea is to come together and share your joys and struggles with others who know what it means to struggle and to perserveer. We are committing to this group and hope you will consider coming out and sharing this opportunity with your friends and family who might benefit from it.

That's all we got. You are a blessing.
Live and love well
Mr. Bean


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