Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The week is yet young

Dear Friends-
I know it is Tuesday night and the blog is still last week's news. I apologize for the delay and ask for your patience. By the way, it snowed today...craziness. I was just distracting you from my failures so please read ahead to the rest of this week's action. Thanks for your continued friendship and support.

The Monday night Yoga class was cancelled due to the instructor being on vacation and we apologize for dropping the ball with letting yoga folks know about it. The class is on for next week and as always will be 7-8:30PM.

We did have chess tonight but we wanted to highlight an Antiques discussion happening next Tuesday, April 16th at 7PM. Specifically the discussion will be: Antique and Collectible Timepieces - Imre and Beatrice Szalai will focus on 19th Century American clocks. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 8th
Morning yoga class is happening. 10$ drop in fee per class. Smaller class that is perfect for beginners!
The Wed. evening Yoga class is continuing this week. As always, Sam is doing a great job or mixing things up and making an enjoyable class atmosphere. 2$ donation is welcome and please stay for a drink!

Thursday, April 9th, 7PM
Perspectives: "The Boyertown Farmer's Market vs. Extinction"
Please join us for an informative and problem/answer evening with Sharon Lee representing Farmer's Market that is preparing for this year's season of great local food and amazing family events all summer. This night will shed light on food and community issues with time during and after the presentation for q & a. Additionally, some amazing opportunities for good eating and community engagement will be presented. Don't miss this opportunity.

Friday, April 10th, 7-10PM
It is Good Friday and to celebrate we have a music Open mic event on tap for the whole evening. We have a great host in Mike Holliday and interested musicians are asked to show up before 7 to sign up for your slot. This is a great time so put it on your weekend schedule. Don't miss out on Cappi Hour from 5-7PM.

Sat, April 11th
The Kid's Time Yoga class is canceled due to holiday traveling BUT the "Sip and Spa" event provided by Diana Stigura is still on for Saturday morning. This is such a relaxing event with all sorts of calming and rejuvanating treatments with Diana walking you through the whole thing. It's free and worth it!
We have a full night of music on tap with O Rabbit opening up the night from 7-9. This band provides a lot of funk and was well recieved last time they played at the bean. Unfortunately, their myspace has been changed so I can't lead you to their rabbit trail on the web.
Following them is Dave Antonio with his international flare- a whole arsenal of off the beaten track instruments from around the world and home town humor creating a fun atmosphere for all. You can't go wrong.

Sunday, April 12th, Easter
Enjoy this day with family and friends. We are closed all day on Sunday but we are back in action starting Monday. Once again, enjoy!

That's a wrap. Thanks for reading along. Please be aware that next week we have the Poetry open mic with a very special guest reader- Awilda Castro-Suarez, and the monthly Art Gallery featuring photography is also on the menu.

Another FYI is that we have a coloring activity for kids related to a huge international crisis situation in Columbia. The cutout coloring sheets are in the back of the cafe with a bunch of crayons and each cutout represents thousands of displaced persons in Columbia. The sheets will be collected and sent to Columbian officials to highlight international concern for the displaced victims. Thanks for your help.

thanks so much and enjoy your week
Much Love
Mr. Bean

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