Monday, March 2, 2009

And So it Snows?

Its pretty ragged outside. No doubt the snow is beautiful but I think it's now a lopsided appreciation or disgust for this current event with the public school children not minding and the commuting adults grumbling all the way to work. I guess you gotta say, "It's all good, baby" and do your thing so if a cup of coffee can help to that regards- stop on in.

Monday, Mar. 2nd, 7-8PM
We are trying to pull off a yoga class this evening with Jillian Prout instructing this class. We are waiting on the weather and also some insurance issues so assume there is a class and if you want to make sure feel free to call ahead and get the final verdict- 610 367 1788- best to call this afternoon! 2$ Donation!

Tuesday, Mar. 3rd, 7-9PM
Imra had a few chess pupils last week and is excited so if you are game for some chess action feel invited to come on out for the evening.

Wednesday, Mar. 4th
9:30- 10:45AM
Donna is trucking along with her morning yoga class so as always you are welcome to attend. I'm not sure if she is still in the introductory period or a class by class situation so come out regardless to give it a try.
Sam is here on Wednesday night class featuring Vinyasa style yoga and it is a pleasure to attend. This is a 2$ donation class so come ready for that and remember to come a little early as the place fills up quick.

Thursday, Mar. 5th
Miss Balloon Heart is joining us this Thursday morning to entertain your kids with fun balloon creations. This is perfect for kids of all ages and for moms to enjoy some convo and coffee.

Scrabble will be happening on Thursday night around 7PM. enjoy!

Friday, Mar. 6th, 7-11PM
We got a full night of music happening this evening with two of our bands performing two hour sets. First off is Cliff Stackonis doing his country blues routine. Cliff plays here once a month and also helps with our growing Open-Mic event so enjoy his tunage.
Doing the night cap are the Table Tops who are a great duo-acoustic act featuring a wide range of cover material and some amazing original songs. Tyler and Carson have been MIA for a month so please welcome them back.

Saturday, Mar. 7th, 7PM
Troy Rauenzahn is back with us doing great acoustic covers of 90's rock and then some. We will be booking some music for the rest of the evening but enjoy Troy's tunes at the beginning of the night and Cappi Hour should get the ball rolling.

Sunday, Mar. 8th, 7:30PM
Front Porch Church is on for the night with a discussion about the Sabbath and how folks view the "day of rest" and observe/enjoy it. We meet weekly for coffee and convo and invite anyone to join us- we promise to appreciate and understand point of views and experiences and are excited to be a part of the Boyertown community.

A quick head's up about our first Support Group meeting to be held on Tuesday, March 28th at 7PM. This is a get-together for neighbors with disabilities and health concerns and their family and friends and the format will develop as the group grows with down time, discussion and guest speakers/focuses in the mix.

That's a wrap for this week so as always thanks for your continued support and friendship. We are open for suggestions and encouragement and as always please continue to tell friends about us as word of mouth makes the world go round.
Much Love
Mr. Bean

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