Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sparkle in the Sun

So what's with the funky weather lately? Okay okay.. we've all been thinking that very thing this entire season but at least before we had that single oddly warm day, there was snow on the ground for a good few days. Of course the only bad thing about snow is the salty roads.. so hopefully everyone has been able to get their car out for a car wash and now your rides are sparkling beautifully in the sun.

What's going on this week? It's jam-packed and the cafe is definitely waiting for you to come get a cup of coffee or tea, brownie or cookie, sandwich or yummy dessert, and chill out for a while..

Monday, Jan. 26th, all day
It's the Chinese New Year! ..also known as the "Year of the Ox", or the Lunar New Year. Okay, it doesn't really involve us Americans.. but why not come have a cup of coffee in their honor? Let's be happy for them!

Tuesday, Jan. 27th, 6-7PM
Dr. Glenn Waldt is back to serve none other than your back.. and yet so much more in order to keep ourselves and our bodies up to par. He's the chiropracter that was present last week and you can check out all his services at Definitely don't miss out on the opportunity to get some pointers on keeping your body in check physically.

Wednesday, Jan 28th, 7-8:15PM
The fan-tab-u-lous weekly yoga class with Sam is scheduled for tonight as usual. There is a 2$ donation per each homo sapien yearning for an hour and fifteen minutes of GRRRReat yoga. Again, the donations go towards reimbursing Sam for all of the time and effort his puts into his class as well as spicing up the Hard Bean even more aesthetically.
Susie Arbonne will be with us again before and after class offering complimentary detox foot soaks so take advantage of that soothing opportunity.
*Also*- we are still trying to set up additional yoga classes on Monday nights and Wednesday days so keep in touch about them!

Thursday, Jan 29th, 7-9PM
Bring your thinking caps for a Scrabble-tastic night from 7-9. We sure do love fluency through words here at the Hard Bean and any coffee related words are worth double points!- says me.

The Veterans Tribute scheduled for Thursday is being postponed due to the cold weather that is keeping our older friends away from the cafe. We at the cafe also need some more time to develope a better event so wish us well. The tribute photo wall will remain up and we are looking for more photos of Veterans, Now and Then, so please drop them off.

***CAPPY HOUR- 1/2 Price Cappucinos from 5-7 PM

Friday, Jan 30th, 6-11PM
A Whitehall native and Kutztown U. student, Tim Harakal got in touch with us this weekend and is making his acoustic debut on Friday night. He has good stuff to offer which can be found at Tim's talent has been recognized both in the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia regions and is well deserved as his music has a lot of well-versed energy.
Continuing at 8, an awesome band that call themselves Taking Motion will surely be.. taking motion. From what I can tell, they are a warm and loving bunch that play delicately acoustic and indie-type music and if you don't at least stop by to give these guys a good ear's listen.. you'll be missing out. That's a threat! No but really these guys are going to fill the cafe with warmth and good feeling, no doubt. Make sure you check out their very own website-, which has links to their, myspace, purevolume, and even youtube. Also on their website, you can download (for free!) a copy of their new release titled, "Simple". Score!
Joining them are two bands, The Historic and Calling Out Closer so the night will be choc full of excellent music.

Saturday, Jan. 31st
Dr. Glenn Waldt will be paying his second visit for the week and he will be here 12-1PM. If you couldn't make it or just missed him the first time, this is your chance!
Once darkness has fallen, rather has been fallen for a few hours.. come out for some live music that isn't worth missing. Starting at 7 and going strong until 9, Cliff Stacropis/Stackonis will bring the cafe to life with his bluesy/country songs about good love and bad credit.
Then, from 9-11PM, The Tabletops will bring tenderness, seriousness and beaming compassion to the floor. This definitely isn't the first time we're hearing these two guys strum fiercely and sing lovingly.. and we love them so much that we want them to fill the Hard Bean with their tunes like it's their job. If you haven't heard them already, you gotta check out their site-

**CAPPY HOUR is 5-7PM! 1/2 price cappucinos!

Sunday, Jan 1st, 2-3PM
Today we're holding a very special "Yoga Time for Kids".. so calling all parents, older brother or sister, babysitter, grandparents... if you have some young ones that you feel have a calm soul and a little patience, or even need some calming down and "centering".. bring them to the Hard Bean. It's just an hour long, and you can hang out and grab some coffee while kid yoga takes place.

That concludes the week, and hope to see you throughout it! Again, don't forget about the new additions to our menu.. we've recently added a whole new selection of very unique hot and cold sandwiches that you can pick and create yourself.. we also have salads and whatnot. See you very soon and thank you, as always, immensely for your kindness and patronage for the Hard Bean Cafe.

Much Love
Mr. Bean

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Luka said...

Cliff is going by his new Greco name of Stacropis.
Mrs. Bean did a great job of updating the blog and is so humble that she did not take credit for her job well done.