Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year with Yin/Y'all/Yous'is'guy'is

People talk weird all over this amazing country. I wish we had more travelers rolling through Boyertown but maybe we should just do our best to incorporate the rest of the world into our vocabulary and persona. I'm not sure where I am going with this but don't worry- I have a year to get better with my intro's.

So, we have so much goodness happening at the cafe that is both new and old, better and better as is. Please remember that we are always open for suggestions and critiques and new ways to integrate/serve the B-town community. You can place comments or email us at

Tuesday, Jan. 6th, 7-9PM
Chess is happening. Coffee is being served. Life is good.

Wednesday, Jan. 7th, 7-8:15PM
Like we relayed in the email, we are continuing with the amazing Yoga classes led by Sam. We are requesting that yogese folks give a 2$ gift after each session that is going to be used for Hard Bean Improvements and some blessing for Sam. We are working on including a coupon receipt for all Yoga students. Thanks for all the support and the Christmas party was awesome.

Thursday, Jan. 8th, 6:30-8:30PM
Okay, Scrabblee is happening and don't leave it to us to spell words correctly. The biggie for the night is the Open Mic Poetry and we are trying to start a little earlier to accomodate a gathering later that night. The open mic's have been going great with such awesome variety so come out to enjoy poetry, prose, and comedy and it's all good.

Friday, Jan. 9th, 7-11PM
The biggie for this Friday is the Open-Mic Musica that runs from 7-9. We had an amazing night last month with a bunch of performers. We have a stricter time constraint with the Table Tops rolling at 9PM till close so if you are interested in performing please come a little before and sign up for a slot. Thank ya!

Saturday, Jan. 10th, 6-11PM
We have extended music this Saturday with Miss Yvonne Hartman opening the night from 6-8 and Dave Antonio wrapping it up from 8-11. Both of these musicians and accompanyment are extremely talented and great people so just enjoy.

Sunday, Jan. 11th, 7:30PM
We have Front Porch Church on Sunday night so come out for the coffee and convo. If you are specifically interested in this just shoot me an email at

Lastly, We are asking for small, no bigger than 8x10, personal photos of veterans, past and present, of our neighbors who have sacrificially served our Country. We have a veterans wall started where the pictures will be hung and there will be an event on Jan. 29th celebrating our Veterans so keep that in mind.

Thanks so much for your continued support.
much love
Mr. Bean

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