Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sing Song February

It is so good to be here in this community. We are delighted to see our cafe being filled with first-time and returning customers who love the coffee, enjoy the friendly service and expect to hear excellent music. We promise to keep up reinventing what we have to offer in terms of products and entertainment so please keep coming and remember that we definately make mistakes and need to know if something is not up to snuff- do it with a smile and we will bend over backwards to make it right. So, here's what's shaking this week...

Wednesday, Feb. 4th, 7-8:15PM
Yoga. This is a cafe standard these days with Sam taking the lead and a big class following suit. We start promptly so please come at least 5 min before hand. We are requesting a 2$ donation that includes a 50 cent coupon to be used before or after class please and thankyou. Additionally, Susie Arbonne will continue to be with us offering detox foot soaks which really enhance the exercise experience. Come out and give it a try

Also, a daytime Yoga class is starting next Wednesday starting at 9:30AM to 10:45 so keep that in mind. It will be based around a 6 week session which cost 55$ and 10$drop ins are welcome. Next week will be the FREE introductory lesson so come just to try it out.

Thursday, Feb. 5th, 7-9PM
Scrabble. It's a good time for those word enthusiasts out there so join in.

CAPPI Hour! 5-7PM Half Price Cappuccinos

Friday, Feb. 6th, 7-11PM
This is a full night of great music so you can't go wrong. Starting off from 7-9 is the Kyle Rawls band which is an acoustic duo performing classic country covers and gritty originals. One of the guys is in the Military and will be leaving the area to serve our country so this is a last horrah for the band. www.myspace.com/thekylerawlsband to check out what they do
CD and Friends is back with us to do what they do best- just jam with fun rock and blues medleys and improvisational renditions of "Biscuit" to humour the crowd. Their last show at the Bean found a rather lethargic crowd so get some espresso in you and be raucous.

Saturday, Feb. 7th, 6-11PM
And if Friday was not good enough, Saturday night will not disappoint. Starting crisply at 6PM, Leon and Scott are back with us performing easy listening rock and roll. This duo is great and is sure to energize the crowd who with anticipation will be waiting for...
Rocket 88! This junior high band from Oaks is back with us after their rocking January show. www.myspace.com/r88band will give you an idea of what you will hear but it won't prepare you for the quality of music and the crowd response generating- clapping and sing along and dancing to the very best Beattles, Dead and Almond Brothers covers and originals that surely belong to the 60s and 70s. Make it out and support these guys.

Sunday, Feb. 8th, 2PM and 7:30PM
I'm really not sure how Kid's yoga went on this Sunday or if we are going to continue it so keep posted and let us know if you are interested in it- hbboyertown@gmail.com
Front Porch Church will be meeting up at 7:30PM. We will be looking at an excerpt from Donald Miller's Book- "Searching for God knows what" and will be sharing communion together over convo and relationship. Interested persons can contact Luke at luke.kasitz@gmail.com

That's a wrap. Thanks for your attention and keep in touch with feedback and critique.
Much Love in the House
Mr. Bean

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