Monday, January 19, 2009

Boo Hoo Eaglets

Face it, we lost again this year...feel short...didn't reach the promised land where we probably would have lost anyway but cheer up. I was referencing the Eagles loss yesterday and I'm not much of a fan so I will get right into the blogging.
As stated in the email, we had an amazing weekend that we are still sort of recovering from. We learned a lot and with the amazing help and support of all the community members and groups involved, we pulled it off giving us confidence for the coming months.
Before I forget, openings for February and March Cafe Gallery openings are still available so please contact to inquire or sign up.
Also, this blog is definately a "community" outreach of the cafe that 1) gets out pertinent information to our customers BUT 2) is a "neigborly voice" that communicates our heart, our vision and our commitment to Boyertown. In that there is a lot of personality and maybe unneccessary rhetoric so please wade through it all if you just want the facts. With that said, here's what's on tap.

Tuesday, Jan. 20th, 7-9PM
Chess is happening tonight and if you pull a muscle or herniate a disc we got you covered...

6-7PM AND Saturday's Noon to 1PM
Dr. Glenn Waldt is in the house to facilitate professionally, personable chiropractic work. You can check out his services at This is an exciting opportunity for Glenn, a Cafe Yoga regular, to branch out of the Pottstown area into Boyertown.

Wednesay, Jan. 21st, 7-8:15PM
Glenn is coming to Yoga on Wednesday night but don't expect to get worked on because Sam has the floor and is an amazing Yoga instructor from Final Results. Once again, these 2$ Donation classes feature a Vinyastic style yoga that is great for beginners and veterans alike. Space is limited so please arrive before the 7PM start time but keep in mind the freshly mopped floor might be damp.

Also, Susie Arbonne will be present before and after Yoga giving complimentary detox foot soaks and information/samples regarding other Arbonne products. Good Stuff!

Thursday, Jan. 22nd, 7-9PM
S C R A B B L E- feel free to join in with a group of amazing locals competing in a "semi-serious"
spelling extraveganza- did I spell that wrong- no spell check on this blog!

Friday, Jan. 23rd, 7-11PM
Lot's of good/great music happening this Friday. The up and coming star, Valerie Nicole is joining us for another show after her exciting CD release party weeks ago. She can be found on Yourspace at and you will probably here a solid mix of soulful covers and fun originals- expect singer/songwriter keyboard and guitar action from Val.
Rounding out the night are the Table Tops who also have a myspace which I need to find. They should have a working PA this time so leave your hearing aids at home. These guys are super fun and do more 90's covers like Weezer but also have very good originals. You won't be dissappointed by one of the cafe's "house bands."

CAPPY HOUR- Saturday, 5-7PM- Half-Price Cappucinos!!!

Saturday, Jan. 24th, 6-8PM
If you were not satisfied on Friday night, you can't go wrong on Saturday as we have another 5 hours of musica on tap. Starting things off from 6-8 is Mike Holliday who conducts our Open Mic and plays a soothing collection of originals that really communicate his heart and his love for music.
From 8-11 we have another collaboration of "house bands." Sort of playing the opening act, Mickey Bieberfeld is in town on break from his roaming the country to play his fun guitar and harmonica routine. "Garbage" is a crowd favorite so remember to ask for it.
And then we got CD and Friends for the rest of the night. What can I say? These guys jam and have so much fun doing it and bring so many friends- it's just a good night. You can expect some Tom Petty and Jack Johnson and Ben Harper and the Dead and other old-school jams. Come early to get a seat because they pack the house.

This Sunday we have Front Porch Church at 7:30PM so keep us in mind to share a cup and a convo. We recently purchased a projector thanks to some amazing donations so we will be offering some afternoon movies soon.

Lastly, we have really improved our food selection so please keep us in mind for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Daily we have a mix of salads, cold and hot sandwhiches and paninis. Still working on the pastries so bare with us.

I'm tired of typing.
Thanks for your continued support and patronage.

Much Love
Mr. Bean

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