Monday, January 12, 2009

So Much To Say

Okay, we really have no idea if this blog makes sense to people- if you "get" something from visiting this sight in regards to what is happening at the Hard Bean and if that information is clear and concise yet personal. So, once again we are open to suggestions and critique concerning this transaction of relevant culturally/neighborhoody info.
There is so much going on this week it is crazy so let me make sense of it for you.

Monday, Coming Soon, 7-8:15PM
Due to popular demand and the availability of another awesome yoga instructor, we will be offering yoga classes at the cafe on monday nights. The deal is to bring your own mat and we do encourage spending time before or after the workout to support the cafe.

Tuesday, Jan. 13, 7PM
Tuesday nights are chess night. We have an enthusiastic and professional teacher who is more than willing to play and instruct all night long so if you enjoy the game take advantage.

Wednesday, Jan. 14, 7-8:15PM
The night actually starts at 6PM when Miss Susie Arbonne is here providing free detoxing feet soaks for Hard Bean clients and yoga participants- they are absolutely amazing and go great either before of after the yoga excercise starting at 7PM
Sam C is an amazing teacher facilitating a vinyastic style yoga class. We are asking for a 2$ donation per person per evening to reimburse Sam a little for his amazing efforts and help the Hard Bean become better suited for community events with lighting and stuff.

Thursday, Jan. 15, 7-9PM
How appropiate that this date is the birthday or Martin Luther King Jr. Local resident, Jennifer Bruno is asking the Boyertown community to come out for her "The Body as an Ally" advocacy event that celebrates freedom for victims of slavery and sex trafficking through dance and movement. During the course of the night their will be a standard presentation as well as dance demonstration used in healing therapy for victims. Additionally a silent auction and raffle will take place with funds benefiting Bruno's nationwide advocacy campaign.

Friday, Jan. 16, 6-8PM
Cafe Gallery is having it's celebrated debut this Friday night with an artist meet and greet starting at 6PM. Local artists Denise Bennett ( , Arline Christ, Delores Kirschner( and Denny Rock ( The show
cased art is on display throughout the weekend and is available for cash sales. Next month's gallery is on February 20th-22nd- interested artists please email luke at

Acclaimed local folk musician, Steve Walker last did a Christmas concert for us and it was great. Steve plays all around the area and performs a whole spreadsheet of cover songs as well as his own music. You can check him out online at

Saturday, Jan. 17, 6-11PM
Once again, we have a very full evening of amazing music this weekend. Starting up at 6PM, Troy Allem is with us after performing at last month's open mic. I just found out that Troy is also a gifted poet and that surely translates into great lyrics. Playing acoustic rock and indie, you can find Troy on myspace at
And coming back due to very popular and enthusiastic demand, Rocket 88 from Oaks, PA is back at the cafe and so many people have been calling to make sure that they will really be here. I am listening to their music right now at and you should check it out. They are a classic rock band that is definately a reincarnation of classic rockers like the Dead and Allman brothers. Don't miss this but come early to get a seat!!

Sunday, Jan. 18, Cafe doors close at 6PM and reopen at 6:30 for the PLAY!!!!!
We are so proud to house the encore performance of Theatre in Motion's ( production of "A Little Princess" slated for a 7PM showtime. This is an amazing play that originally shown at the Rhoads Opera House and is coming off of last year's successful play, Unclaimed Carriages. Drinks, light sandwhiches and desserts will be available before the show and during intermission. Tickets are on sale now for 7$ at the cafe with limited seating available- tickets also for sale at the door on Sunday night.

That's a wrap. That's also a lot of cultural opportunities that is sure to help Boyertown develope it third saturday/weekend program. We are excited to be a part of that and kindly ask you to support us and the different people and programs highlighted this weekend.

Lastly, we know we have been doing a so-so job with our food selection and we are making dramatic changes in regards to that. We are now offering a full menu food ranging from assorted panninis to pressed bagel sandwhiches and english muffin melts. And Salads!!! We are also working on the fresh pastry end so please bear with us.

Once again, thanks for your contunied support and patronage and friendship.
Much Love
Mr. Bean

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Robert Martin said...

Hey, I "get" the blog. My only grief is that I don't get to partake of many of your offerings.

This week, though, we'll be there for the play. Looking forward to it, in fact.

See you there!