Monday, February 16, 2009

Are we still in Love?

Dear Neighbor's-

So, Valentine's Day has come and gone and Trotter the Horse lost his shoe so the carriage rides did not happen. We hope that all of you had a romantic weekend and took advantage of your loved ones full attention. We also trust that your are not loved out into apathy so remind your lover and family and friends that today, Monday, February 16th, 2009, "I love you!"

There is a bunch of goodness happening this week that needs its due attention to details. Some of our music for this weekend is still in the works so please bear with us and if you have a good voice and like to entertain, consider signing up for a gig here at the cafe. Here goes it...

Wednesday, Feb. 18th, 9:30-10:45AM

Our AM Yoga class is meeting up again after last weeks introductory class. Donna O'Rourke is instructing this new class and is looking for folks with daytime freetime to jump in as a drop-in for 10$ or sign up for a full 6week session for 55$ Come out this week to try it out.


Evening Yoga class is still going strong with weekly participation well over 20 people. Sam is continually changing up the dynamics of the class integrating different aspects of Vinyasa style yoga so come to experiment and work on your practice. We are asking for a 2$ donation!

Thursday, Feb. 19th, 7-9PM
Cafe Perspectives is highlighting the campaigns of 2 organizations this night with brief presentations followed by "mingle, get to know you time" afterwards. The two groups are One Village Coffee ( and Pedal Power which is a part of the Urban Promise non-profit operating out of Camden, NJ( Both orgs are dynamicly working in inner-city and international environments to benefit children and communities suffering from poverty and inability to grow. Please consider joining us for this evening to learn and to support these excellent missions.

Friday, Feb. 20th, 6-8PM
ART, ART, ART! Cafe Gallery is in house again for February with the opening reception happening from 6-8PM. Although the art is displayed and available for sale all weekend, Friday night is a festive time to mingle with other lovers of art and meet the artists themselves. Featured artists include art Lesta Bertoia, John Walsh, Brian Artim and various Clay on Main artists as well as our "Host Artists"- Arline Christ and Denise Bennett. Please come and enjoy!

Like I said, we needed to round up some musicians and we found some. Julie and her boyfriend are part of a band called Slick Mickey that does Bluesy, Folksy stuff and they will be here on Friday night and soon with the entire band. You can check them out at

Saturday, Feb. 21st, 7-10PM
First off we are going to try to the Carriage Rides again for this Saturday night. Trotter did loose a shoe which nixxed the rides for Valentine's night. Joe managed to get to Foot Locker yesterday so Trotter the horse is in shape to get the carriage riding again this weekend. Please consider reserving seats at the cafe for 5$ a person down-payment and tickets overall are 10$ for adults and 5$ for kids for the 20 minute ride.

From 7-9 and then some a really dynamic musical duo is performing at the Bean for the first time. Christine and Chad are in house with amazing guitar and vocals strung together beautifully. These musicians met at another local coffee shop and are developing their own musical identity and we are excited to have them with us at the Bean.

Sunday, Feb. 22nd, 7PM
Front Porch Church is spending the evening with the Boyertown Community a Studio B as all of us dive into the realm of collective Story. The night is being facilitated by a Kutztown english student who is researching the marriage of story and community. Please consider joining us for the evening and bring a story to tell.

Please keep in mind our Town Hall meeting happening next Thursday with our local Representative, David Kessler joining us. Also, we are developing a support group for our family and friends with disabilities and sickness so we will shoot info as it comes.

That's what we got.
Much Love
Mr. Bean

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