Monday, February 9, 2009

Fifty Degree February

Dear Friends-
Mr. GroundHog animal is probably shivering in his hole-home after scurrying back rather quickly last week- he is missing out on this beautiful weather but he's probably right about the longevity of this winter. But we'll take what we get and enjoy these next couple of days.
A special thanks to all of you who came out on Friday and Saturday night to enjoy Cappi Hour and the amazing music. We had a record crowd on Saturday night for Leon & Scott and Rocket 88 and it was such a pleasure to be on staff serving the masses and enjoying the melodies. We have a hoppin' week coming so please sift through the following details and flavors.

Wednesday, Feb. 11, 9:30-10:45AM
We have our introductory morning Yoga class happening this Wednesday with certified instructor, Donna O'Rourke. The class will resume the following week and will be centered on six-week sessions costing 55$ or 10$ drop-in fee for each class. Check it out.

Sam is still trucking along as the instructor of our night class featuring a Vinyasa style Yoga exercise. Please come a little early to claim your spot as we usually have 25-30 students each week. We are asking for a 2$ donation which does include a 50cent coupon to be used before or after class.

Thursday, Feb. 12, 7-9PM
This is an exciting evening for us with our monthly Open-Mic Poetry event. This month's open-mic is a tribute to the Reading author, John Updike. In honor of John Updike’s recent passing, we encourage people to read a short (about five minutes) passage that highlights Updike’s extraordinary description of ordinary things. A native of Reading, Pennsylvania, John Updike’s American Realism is often rooted in Berks County settings. Partipants are encouraged from all of the literary genre's and work unrelated to Updike can be read. Please keep in touch with Jodi Corbett for upcoming themed poetry events and questions.

CAPPI HOUR!!! 5-7 PM Half price cappuccinos, lattes and mochas

Friday, Feb. 13, 7-10PM
We are in our third month of Open-Mic music here at the Bean. Mike Holliday has been a gracious host for the night and we hope to keep on bringing in new talent. Please come early to reserve a spot and we are generally allowing 3 or so songs per artist.

Saturday, Valentine's Day, 7-10PM
Mr. Joe Trotter is back with his buggy and horse and is offering 20 minute rides around historic Boyertown for you lover's out there. Tickets cost 10$ each and if you want to reserve a spot please come to the cafe and give a 5$down payment per person.

Saturday, Feb. 14, 6-11PM
And to melodize the horse-hoof harmony we have two sets of performers on Saturday evening. From 6-8, Mickey B is back with us featuring his home-girl Becky. From Mickey you can expect a solid and fun acoustic act with guitar and harmonica in tune. I don't know what Becky brings to the table but be surprised. Come ready to shout "Garbage!!!" when the time is right.
From 8-11 Mr. Dave Antonio is taking the stage with his varied instruments and language array. Dave is always willing to entertain and showcase his talent playing the guitar, flut, didgeridoo, sitar and maybe a few other selections.

Sunday, Feb. 15, 7:30-9PM
Front Porch Church is meeting up again and is featuring Rob Bell-avision. The subject is Love and in this NOOMA video, "Flame", love is understood and appreciated for all of it's multi-faceted power and spiritual nature. Convo is sure to follow. We have developed a monthly calendar for Church events and questions can be answered via email-

That's all we got.
Hope this suffices
Thanks so much for your time and support.
Mr. Bean

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