Monday, April 20, 2009

April Showers Bring...

Soggy socks...sour moods...annoying intermediate wiper blade action. And of course May flowers but the pessimist out there will remind us all of global warming, flowers being more expensive because of the recession and the sure coming of drought and bird flu.
Optimism wins.
A special thanks to the 11 followers of the cafe blog. You make Mr. Bean smile. We did miss out on the first day of your week but let's take the time to fill in the rest of the dots. Read on...

Tuesday, April 21st, 7PM
Chess rules the night with diligent young pupils engaging Imra in brilliant mastermind affairs. Join the action every chess action every Tues night.

Wednesday, April 22nd
AM Yoga is still in session with certified yoga instructor, Donna O'Rourke leading the efforts and now offering a 2$ off coupon for the first attended class. Classes are 10$ weekly and for first timers, the coupon helps you give it a try.

Vinyasa flow yoga happens on Wednesday evenings thanks to the veteran and casual direction of Sam who has been teaching here since September. These classes are great for newbies and oldies so come and enjoy a 2$ donation class!

Thursday, April 23rd, 7PM
A group of folks play SCRABBLE every Thursday night and you should see the words fly accross the board...really intense words like "I Q" and "R A" and "D O" Just to prove that anybody can join in I gave away the genius' secret power words.

Friday, April 24th, 7-11PM
The weekend is all about great music starting with Friday night which is off with a bang with Cappi Hour from 5-7PM. First off is the amazing Sarah Goldbloom who "hails?" from Ambler area and is a fine singer/songwriter and is sure to impress with her soulful voice and lyrics. You can find her online at
Following her, very promptly because they have very kindly let Sarah use their sound equipment, are the Table Tops, who rocked the afternoon at this Saturdays "Coming out of Hibernation". Tyler and Carson are fun and energetic and play fun instruments like the recorder but check out there myspace and dig there talent.

Saturday, April 25th
Craft Sale. We have, in house, over 15 local craftpersons producing and selling a wide range of crafty items from jewelry to candles to llama hair speedo shorts for the confident menfolk out there. You should come out and enjoy Saturday morning at the sale in our house!
Okay, you can't get much better for a night cap then these two talented musicians performing on Saturday night. Starting the evening is a newcomer, Josh Swavely to the Hard Bean scene. Be sure to find him online at Josh joins us from Mohnton and apparently sings acoustically and is influenced by...Voltage spikes in my brain that cause uncontrolable his words. Give him a shot!
And following Josh from 9-11PM is the awesome Tim Harakal who has recently done amazingly well at West Chester Radio's Battle of the Bands. Tim's voice is gold and his lyrics are fun and he plays like Jimmy Hendrix when he was like 5 but that's still intense and to prove it visit him virtually at

You people are lovely. Thanks for being such wonderful friends and loyal patrons and as always we welcome thoughtful critique and your ideas of community involvement.
Be Blessed and in the words of Rhiana whose birthday was today, not really but..."you can stand under my ummbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, with a mocha cafe, eh, eh, eh"
much love
Mr. Bean

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog! Thanks for taking the time to update us all!
- Rapunzel's Mom aka Miss Balloon Heart