Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Uber October :)

Coming this Saturday October 3rd at 8:30 pm...
we are very lucky to have 2 very special guest appearances at the Hard Bean. See, once upon a time an internationally touring americana singer met a local music scene star, and out of the ashes of that clash emerged Ike Wilder of the Kanas City Wilder's and Daniel Bower of the Manatawny Creek Ramblers and Frog Holler. This is an act you wont want to miss, since tying these two down is a bit of a challenge due to their busy schedules! Our unique set up will make you feel like these two are right smack dab in your living room.

Some upcoming Hard Bean events to put on your schedule:

Saturday Night October 24th - Its the Boyertown Halloween Parade and the Hard Bean will be spinning up a little special something that night.

Saturday Night October 31st - Its the Hard Bean's first ever Halloween Disco Costume Party! So put on your platform shoes and your fattest pair of bell bottoms and boogie-oggie-oggie, till ya just cant boogie no more!

We are now featuring FRESH banana smoothies made with real fruit! stop in to try one of these yummy concoctions & if you're in the mood for something soothing, pick up a caramel apple steamer!

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