Thursday, September 3, 2009

Talkin Bout Blue Skies

Friends, we have officially made it back! Now that the storm has passed we have nothing but blue skies, and with that we moved back into our home. Many thanks to Duffy Moon our fantastic landlords, the utility companies, and all the employees, who dug in and got us back so quickly. Also special thanks goes out to FreconFarms ( for giving us a home away from home! As a result many of Frecon's customers were happy to have Hard Bean coffee in the store, so starting in a few weeks we are going to keep them supplied with fresh brew pots and they are going to keep us supplied with fresh fruit so we can step up our smoothie game. 
All activities are resumed so come on out and join in the many different events from yoga, to games, to music, and more. 


Audra1976 said...

The Pottstown MOMS Club would love to stop by and check out the cafe on Thurs, 9/10. Any chance of having some kids' activity that day?

Hank said...

Hi, please call the cafe and they can tell you if anything is going on. If you would like to organize a private event contact Hank Frecon at 703 338-5493. Thanks!

Shanna said...

Mmmm smoothies! I had a peach-mango smoothie, and it was delish!