Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You're invited to the Hard Bean for a...
New Years Eve Bash!!!
Friday December 31
Join local favorites The Dead Horse Band
as they rock us into the new year.

Music 9-1
$5 at the door.

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Anonymous said...

Some friends, my husband and I went to the hard bean on April 22 expecting to hear some decent acoustical folk music. The listing was ‘The Mean Reds (acoustic, original, folk from Philly.
It was awful. The opening act- two sisters - had lots of talent but the music was monotone and dreary. The lead guy on mean reds acted like he was on something and didn’t stop talking. They haven’t played in 8 years together- it showed. We kept waiting for good music, only when little brother and the keyboard guy played was the music good. I think we were the only people in the audience that wasn’t related or friends.

We wasted a night and a lot of money- the cover and coffee and snacks added up to over $40.00

If the hard bean wants people to come in they need to have a happier attitude their clientele and better entertainment.

We hear local musicians all the time. They aren’t all great but at least they are entertaining, play music and don’t ramble about themselves all night.
Very disappointing evening.

It will be a long time till we visit the hard bean again.