Monday, April 12, 2010

Coming out of Hibernation Festival

Saturday April 17 11am-11pm

‘Coming out of Hibernation’ Festival
 A day of outdoor fun for the whole family along Philadelphia Ave.
 followed by an  after party/concert at the Bean, 7pm, $8.00, BYOB


 Tin bird choir  

The Ike Wilder 2          

During the day be sure to visit Boyertown's variety of shop's including Clayote 


10-12 Come make a pot for 10$

noon - 1:00 Maggie Spike

1:30 - 2:30 clay workshop -Save paper and make a reusable hb coffee mug to hang on the future "wall of Mugs" at Boyertown HB $15

3:00-4:00 K. Coady & J. Matzner  

4:30 - 5: 30 clay workshop - Earth Bears clay art project $15 a piece

6:00-7:00pm CD’s Café presents ‘Chris & Ryan’

7:30-8:30 clay workshop Creative Visualization $15...Make a bowl that symbolizes your world and fill it with thigs you want in your life, and let it manifest

As always, THANK YOU for your support!! 

Bring on the Spring!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice work bringing new light and life to Boyertown, Hard Bean! I love Tin Bird! We are so glad to have positive events showing up in every direction of this town! That's why we were all put here! A very awesome town!