Monday, July 6, 2009

How we know the date!

Friends and such-
I think July Fourth is a national holiday because it gets everybody back on track knowing the date halfway through the year. Christmas should not always be on the 25th because you are so close to the end of the year, who cares if none of us know what day of the month it is. Anyways, it is late and the weekend was fabulous and bed is calling me home.
Please read forward concerning a full week of goodness.

Tuesday, July7th, 7-8:30PM
Jillian Prout's Yoga class is in session so come ready to do an intense workout.

Wednesday, July 8th
9:30- 10:45AM
The AM Yoga class with Diana is still happening so keep that in your mind if your body needs some attention.
Sam's Vinyasa Yoga class is back after the lack thereof last week- sorry about that mishap and he will be there in real life on Wednesday night.

Thursday, July 9th, 7-9PMish
I am 90% sure that our Open-Mic Poetry event is happening this night and if that falls through we do have music scheduled- folky stuff thanks to some dudes rolling through the neighborhood from up-state NY.

Friday, July 10th, 7-11PM
A full night of music is instore both weekend nights. First off for Friday night from 7-9 is Sharon Abbott who I think is making a first time appearance and in so much I don't have much to say about her or her music.
Following her is a new duo- John and Kass playing till 11 and once again I'm not quite sure what they are going to do for the crowds but I'm sure the music will be great.

Saturday, July 11th
All day is a used book sale happening both on Saturday and Sunday with proceeds being donated to the Boyertown Library and we are looking for more book donations.
While Carriage Rides are scheduled from 7-10PM we have a night full of music started at 7PM with the Box Car Children. Another first time group so give them a chance.
From 9-11 Rocket 88 is in the house doing their thing. I know you can find them at These guys are amazing and I just heard them on their myspace recorded from a 93.7FM show which is pretty cool. They play "fresh rock and roll" and draw a big crowd that loves to clap and dance and drink coffee.

Sunday, July 12th, 2PM
The knitters and crocheter's are out on the porch for their weekly Bitch and Stitch get together which is the preferred name given by them. Join them if you dare.

That is a wrap. Thanks so much for your continued patronage and friendship.
Be Blessed
Mr. Bean


Carlos Mejias said...

How do I inquire about possibly displaying some photography at Hard Bean?

LikeClochework said...

Actually, it's STITCH n' Bitch, emphasis being on the stitching and not the bitching ;-) In fiber circles, this is the accepted name for such a gathering. Thanks for putting it on the calendar!

Anonymous said...

In terms of displaying work at the cafe, the best and maybe only way at this point is to present your work in a monthly art gallery, at the cafe, and then we can keep it and display it for a while. Interested folks can email
or call 610 367 1788

Carlos Mejias said...

Thank you for the feedback. I am actually going to be in tom. for a meeting with a PSU rep., but I'll def. inquire then about the art gallery.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Dear blog writer,
Gert well soon! The weekly updates are sorely missed.